Your New Winter Beauty Regime

The winter is a torrid time all round, right? The weather outside is torrid. The temperature is torrid. The fact that everything seems to break just when you need it because of the cold is, yep, you guessed it, torrid. Yes, the winter is a torrid time indeed. And, unfortunately, winter is no longer just coming, it is actually here — this means that we have to deal with it right here and right now.

One of the biggest things that we have to deal with daily in regards to the winter is the impact it has on our appearance and, more importantly, the health or our hair and skin. To deal with this, we have to accept new beauty regimes and then put them into practice. To see just what your new winter beauty regime should consist of, make sure to read on.

You should change your moisturizer

Changing the moisturizer that you use is pivotal if you want to carry on protecting your skin throughout the cold and harsh winter months. And, what you should do when doing so is opting for one that is water based rather than oil based (if the moisturizer you use is not already). You should do so because oil-based moisturizers help to lock moisture in, and in the winter this most certainly needs to be happening!

Give lip care extra precedence

Winter is not kind to our lips, that much is for certain. And, you need to fight this unfair treatment on the winter’s part by proceeding to give your lips extra precedence throughout its long, cold months. What this means, first are foremost, is fighting the appearance of cracks in your lips (because, let’s face it, they neither look good nor feel good) by opting for a tinted lip balm that comes patterned with coconut oil.

Make sure your hands don’t miss out

We all forget to tend to our hands at some point, there’s no denying that. And, there’s nothing supremely wrong with this as, for the most part of the year, the climate outside does not impact them or deter their appearance. But, the winter climate will. Yes, the winter climate will wreak havoc on your hands if you let it, so don’t let it! To do this, make sure you are wearing gloves whenever you can when venturing outside, and make sure you are creaming them of a morning and of a night with proficient hand creams.

Protect your hair at all costs

Similarly, your hair is very susceptible to suffering during the winter season — that is why you must protect it all costs. You see, the cold weather of winter will quite literally pull the moisture from your hair like nothing else, and as a result your hair will be left feeling extremely dry and will even be prone to dandruff. But, you can beat this by opting for a new hair moisturizing product that will replace the moisture pulled from your hair with a new, fresh and healthy one. To find the new moisturizer that best suits you and can best be accommodated into your beauty regime, make sure to take a look at this helpful article on the matter. Seriously, your hair will thank you if you do!

You’re going to need a new beauty regime if your skin and hair are going to survive the plights of winter, so make sure you have no qualms in accepting this and putting it into practice!
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