Bought a hip and stylish Kingsley Designer Fabric Bluetooth Speaker at!

With all the available Bluetooth speakers we can buy in the market, one of the main fighting arenas they ’re battling in is the appearance department. Before portable speakers need not look ravishing, they just need to do their job of providing quality sound without the hassle of lugging around a bulky boom box. Now, with our inclination of being hip and stylish, it is imperative that all our techie stuff must also follow suit without compromising any of its enhanced features.

With this in mind--as what everyone is doing in this day and age--I did an online search to look for the perfect portable speaker that will cater to my requirements. What I found is the Kingsley Designer Fabric Bluetooth Speaker which sports a simple yet refined exterior that promises a clear-cut high-definition sound quality despite its small size.

The Kingsley Designed Fabric Bluetooth Speaker is available at for only Php 549 with 3 months service warranty! If you ask me, this is definitely a good deal, especially for a brand that I only got to try for the first time. This portable speaker is available in different colors such as Piano Black, Valentino Red, and Turquoise Blue. Of course, I got the red one since I find it nifty compared with the two.

I’ve actually tried this audio accessory during our beach vacation and it totally caught the attention of my friends, who asked where I bought it. It’s not just stylish but it totally lives up to its promise to produce uncompromisingly clear and crisp, high definition sounds perfect for a movie or music marathon. Not just that, I love how it’s easy to carry along in my bag due to its compact and portable design. I’m glad I found it online, and trust me, it was worth every penny!
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