The Coolest Tech Trends That Will Take 2018 By Storm

Every year we see some new bits and piece of technology and gadgets that become really popular. While the year is still very young, there has already been a few tech expos that have shown which things are going to be trending in the next twelve months. So, what better thing to do than have a look at the coolest tech trends coming this year.


Facial Recognition In Smartphones

We had fingerprint scanners in smartphones for a long time, and they proved highly popular. We got added security on our devices, and - let's be honest - it was just super cool using our fingerprint to unlock our phones for the first time! Now, it’s all about facial recognition. Apple was the first to do this last year with the iPhone, and it looks like some of the other big names will soon follow in 2018. So, get ready to put those fingerprints away and start opening your phone with your face.

Selfie Drones

Drones have been very popular over the last two years, and they’re getting to the point in their lifespan where new ideas are coming out. A big fat drone isn’t for everyone; they’re too expensive, and regular people won’t get much use out of them. Which is why the new trend is all about selfie drones. Yes, this is a drone that hovers in front of you to take selfies - think of it as your own personal photographer! Some of the top-rated selfie drones even come with 4k cameras, meaning you’ll get way better selfies than your phone and selfie stick can provide. They’re smaller and less expensive than regular drones, and they’re set to be a big trend this year.

Virtual Reality

If you’re interested in tech and gadgets, then you’ll know virtual reality has been around for years. But, 2018 is set to be the biggest year yet for it. More companies are developing games with VR technology, and smartphones are coming with VR apps. There’s going to be so much cool virtual reality tech hitting the shelves this year, and I can’t wait. It’s the type of thing that’s great if you have kids too, they can lose themselves in VR games, and you can join in too.


8K TV Screens

We’ve had 4K, but the future is all about 8k - that’s twice the amount of K! Screens are set to get even crisper and brighter this year, which means movie night with the family will become a whole lot better. Ironically, most smartphones are still catching up to the 4k trend, and now 8k is coming to blast it out of the water. Will they just skip 4k in phones and go straight to 8k? Who knows, but if I had the money I’d try and get my hands on a fancy new TV this year.

These are, in my opinion, the coolest tech trends to look forward to this year. There are so many cool things coming out in the next 12 months, and my inner geek is screaming at my purse to fill itself with money!

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