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The Essential Gear For Wrestling

Today, you will find a lot of different wrestling products brands and qualities present in the market. This can make it confusing for beginners to find the right product. Depending on the kind of competition and the wrestling style, the items needed can vary. Some essential products are required if you want to be safe and wrestle. Here is an interesting read on how social media changed modern wrestling.

wrestling gear

1. A Wrestling Singlet

A wrestling singlet is a tight-fitting, one-piece colored uniform which is most commonly made with nylon, lycra, or spandex and is quite common in amateur wrestling. You can find the best wrestling singlet on this site. The singlet is tight-fitting so that it isn’t accidentally grasped by the opponent and it also lets the referee see the body of the wrestler clearly. Apart from providing greater mobility, the wrestling singlet also keeps the wearer cool.

2. Shoes

Boots are the most important thing for the wrestler which is why he or she needs to choose the best pair. Buying a cheap pair of wrestling shoes can cause a number of ankle and foot problems, particularly because the joints and the feet take a lot of impact during wrestling. Moreover, the right pair of wrestling shoes can also add an extra inch to your height, thus making you appear more imposing.

3. Tights

With wrestling tights, there are a number of style option. You can choose anything from basic long tights to baggy shorts or any other option which suits your wrestling style. However, you must remember that your comfort is much more important than style. Make sure to buy something that keeps you cool as well as it is quite easy to be overheated during wrestling.

4. Padding

While wrestling, you would want to make sure that all your weak points are protected well. Whether you have bad ankles or knees or you just want to make sure that you don’t get bad ankles or knees, you will want the appropriate protection such as braces, joint supports, and elbow pads.

5. Headgear

Good headgear is particularly beneficial if you are a young wrestler since it helps to prevent cauliflower ear, as well as other injuries related to the ear and head. Make sure that you purchase a durable and well-built headgear.

Some other products you might need:

A few other gear pieces that you might find useful for your wrestling match include

Blood rag

International competitions require the wrestlers to keep a handkerchief below the singlet in case they might have to clean up blood during the match.

Mouth guard

Mouth guards are needed more in scholastic competition. Wrestlers that have braces on their teeth are specially required to use a mouth guard to prevent injuries and cuts in the mouth.

Lace covers

Regardless of the kind of wrestling taking place, the wrestlers must secure their laces such that they don’t become untied during the match. While some people prefer to use an athletic tape for this purpose, a lace cover is found to be more convenient. The majority of the newer models of shoes available in the market today come with a lace cover built-in; however, you can also purchase them separately.