Getting Away Doesn't Have to Include Giving Up Comfort: 5 Amenities to Watch for that will Make You Feel Right at Home when You are away from Home

You will always have a relaxed feeling of wellbeing when you return to the familiar surroundings of your home and it might sometimes feel like you are giving up some of your creature comforts when you are staying away.

It doesn’t have to be like that, especially if you look out for hotels that offer the sort of amenities and options that should make you feel right at home.

Soaking in a relaxing bath

If you have had a long hard day and usually like to be able to soak away your stresses and strains in a nice hot bath at home, it would be a good move to make sure you ask the hotel to give you a room that allows you to luxuriate in just the same way, despite not being at home.

Another good trick would be to bring some of your favourite scented candles with you so that you can also replicate the pleasant and familiar aroma that normally fills your bathroom at home.

Make it more than just a hotel room

Not all hotel rooms are created equal and some offer way more amenities than others, which means you could add some of the creature comforts you enjoy at home so that your room feels more homely than you might have imagined.

If you check into one of the Delta Hotels Vancouver Downtown Suites, for example, you can enjoy staying in a room that offers you your own kitchen facilities and other amenities that are designed to put you at ease and as relaxed as possible.

Being able to make a cup of your preferred brand of coffee or being able to cook something up like you would in your own kitchen is definitely going to create a homely atmosphere.

Enjoy a good sleep

Many hotels do try extremely hard to offer you a really comfortable bed in your room and luxury bedding and pillows that are all aimed at helping you enjoy a great night’s sleep.

Sometimes though, the familiarity and comfort of your own pillow and blanket are what you want for a restful sleep.

A good tip would be bring your own blanket and pillow if you are going to be staying for a few nights or more. Resting your head on your favourite pillow is sure to boost your prospects of drifting off easily despite being in a different bed to your usual one at home.

Watch your favourite TV show

One of the things that a number of us dislike in a hotel room is the lack of decent viewing options and the alternative of paying for an expensive pay-per-view option.

These days, it’s easy to stream some of your favourite shows using an HDMI cable or download some episodes on your laptop so that you feel right at home when you curl up to watch some TV in your hotel room.

A glass of your usual

Finally, another useful tip to follow would be to pack your usual nightcap.

You won’t have to fork out for an expensive mini bar bottle and be able to enjoy your usual brand will help to make you feel right at home.

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