Off The Grid!: 6 Best Travel Gadgets and Accessories That You Will Need

When it comes to having a vacation or traveling, some people do not like to have lots of gadgets and accessories with them. Of course, we all want to pack things that do not take up too much space in our luggage. The ability to pack efficiently means you have everything you need.

And with that being said, few travel accessories and gadgets are important to almost every packing list. These gadgets can help you make your trip even more satisfying and enjoyable. Whether you are going for a city escape or a beach vacation, these tech accessories might help you get the best out of your travel.

To know more, listed below are six best travel gadgets and accessories that you might need for your next adventure.

Kindle Paperwhite

For travelers whose favorite pastime is to read books, Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite is a great substitute for a physical book. Though nothing compares the feeling of having to read your favorite book physically, Kindle Paperwhite allows you to collect books without occupying too much space in your luggage.   

With this device, your reading experience will be in so much ease because you can easily read the books you want even in a very strong light. One of the features of bringing a Kindle e-reader is that it is easy to hold and comfortable enough to read at any position.

Furthermore, the Kindle e-reader has a backlight that lets you read even in dark places. You can quickly adjust it with your fingertips. Interested? You can shop this kind of device in any online store like Deal Wiki.

Luggage Scale

All of us do not want to have extra baggage fees. Even though you cannot avoid paying these fees when you inspect a piece of baggage on a national flight, maybe you can at least prevent yourself from paying overweight charges or having to wear all of your clothing on the plane.  

The simplest solution is to have a luggage scale with you. It may seem uninteresting to you, but it is extremely useful. Make sure that you weigh your baggage at home and reorganize your things to avoid doing it at the airport.

All you have to do is to fasten the luggage scale to the straps of your baggage and lift. If you are beyond the weight limit, remove some items in your luggage, and arrange it accordingly. It will help you minimize the waiting time and the stress of spending additional charges.

Noise-canceling Headphones

Noise-canceling headphones are most likely the perfect travel investment you can ever own. This kind of headphones allows you to shut off the continuous noise of the airplane so you can feel at ease and get a sound sleep during the flight.

Some even say that noise-canceling headphones are the perfect survival gadget in this modern life. It is a way of telling other people that you are not interested in socializing.

GoPro Camera

This type of gadget has remarkably changed the way of filming and sharing videos. GoPro cameras feature a wireless application that is compatible with any mobile phone. It lets you take photos and videos and quickly edit and share it with all of your friends.

GoPro cameras are the best travel gadget for people who love to do engaging activities like snorkeling, mountain trekking, surfing, rafting, snowboarding, biking, and many more. Go for a GoPro that lets you have a point-of-view, up-close footage of all your adventures in the air, on land, or underwater.

All-in-One Plug Adapter

If you are preparing on taking an international trip, looking for a power adapter should be easy as finding a standard plug for your travel, purchasing an adapter, and packing your luggage.

Today, you can now shop for an all-in-one plug adapter that you can use across one hundred fifty countries. Some multi-adapter even comes with a dual Universal Serial Bus (USB) charger, for all of your gadgets like your tablets, cameras, and phones. The all-in-one plug adapter allows you to connect to dual voltage devices into a foreign socket.

Swiss Army Knife

A swiss army knife or a multi-tool has completely withstood the test of time for good reason. Make sure to pack one pocket knife in your baggage because it will surely be your best companion during your entire trip, from opening bottles of beers up to cutting some twigs to initiate a warming fire.

However, always keep in mind that some countries might prohibit you from carrying a swiss army knife. Thus you should do some research on the country you are visiting.


Carrying some travel accessories and gadgets might make your trip much easier, regardless of where you are going or how you are going to get there. You will surely need some of them for preventive measures. Kindle Paperwhite, Luggage Scale, Noise-canceling Headphones, GoPro Camera, Multi-adapter,  and a Swiss Army Knife are just some of the travel gadgets that will make your trip much convenient. They are certainly your travel gadgets must-have.

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