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Jan 13, 2018

Safe and Slick: Office Solutions For Moms Who Work At Home

You’re a busy working mom, who has a hundred and one things ticking through her brain at any given moment. Not only are you juggling parenthood, but you’re attempting to keep your business flowing from home too. Perhaps you opted for a career change once the little ones came along, but nothing should be getting in your way of working to your full potential. Keeping a safe office space can be tricky when you have kids running around, but don’t worry help is on the way. Give these solutions a try and you will have a much safer and child-friendly working environment in your home.

Simple Space

It is true that when you have a baby they seem to take up every single room in the house. Their bottles are stacked up in the kitchen, the bathroom is home to their soothing lotions and the lounge is full of brightly-coloured singing distractions to keep them busy. If possible try and keep your office space just for you. You need your workspace to be a place of serenity and clarity and you may not be able to achieve that if your space is being taken over by your baby. Choose a quiet corner in a room, or if you can arrange to have your own office space that would be even better. Keep your space simple and separate and you will be able to focus on your work with minimal distractions.