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Jan 4, 2018

Impressing Your Teen For Their Birthday

If you ask your teenager whether they would like a birthday party this year, be prepared for a full-on eyeroll and the announcement that birthday parties are lame. Teenagers are generally ‘too cool’ for a party, but what you have to remember as a parent is that instead of just throwing them a party that YOU would like, you need their input. Things have changed since the pool parties that they had when they turned eight, and now it’s time for you to get them involved and even hand over most of the planning control.

Throwing the right kind of party is key for teens, as is getting the right gifts for them. This is going to take conversation and sitting down to discuss things. You need to know what it is that they would like so that you can plan properly. Checking out a Segway Minipro review is all well and good, but if your athletic teen is into ballet and not zooming around on two wheels, you need a rethink. This is why you need their help! You want to impress them, because parents aren’t impressive to a teenager. So, in the name of impressing your teenager so you become the coolest Mom on the block, check out these fab party ideas. They’ll be counting the days!

Games Night. Okay, so we’re not talking Twister and ice cream for afterward, but hosting an Olympic-themed party for a teenager who is obsessed with sports could put you in the Mom hall of fame. Set up stations around the yard and in the house for various Olympic activity. You can get creative with Pinterest for snacks and d├ęcor, and get their input for the various sports that you lay on.

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