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Jan 2, 2018

Salu-Salo at the 5th Filipino Bloggers Network Get Together Party

It was a night of fun, surprises and sharing during the annual Get Together party of the Filipino Bloggers Network (FBN), one of the most active bloggers group in the country, last December 12, 2017 at Salu Restaurant in Quezon City.

With almost 2,000 members across the country, FBN continues to expand as it provides a venue for Pinoy bloggers to interact with other members through discussions and posting opportunities from different brands and PR partners as moderated by co-admins Divine Reyes and Richard Mamuyac. MetroBuzz Bloggers, led by its admin Lariza Garcia, even made the event more fun-filled and exciting in its fifth year.

(photo credit to David Ferro)

Lessons In Life: The Fundamentals We Need To Teach Our Children

Being a parent is a continual life lesson, but while the task of parenting is something we know that is a daily development, the other aspect that we question with regards to our own parenting skills is which aspects and life lessons do we want to pass on to our children? As our children grow older and blossom from young babies to toddlers to children, and then, finally, to teenagers and adults, it is us who are the people who need to guide them in the right direction. So, it can be a very difficult thing to school our children in the fundamentals, because very possibly we don't have them ourselves. But to raise a fully rounded person, what are the key things we should teach our children while we have the chance?

5 Beauty Treatments You Will Love to Learn About

There was once a time when the phrase ‘beauty treatment’ had a very bad reputation. As soon as we heard it the mind would go to celebrities who ruined their faces with Botox, facelifts and unnatural lips. Now, thanks to incredible advancements in the beauty world, beauty treatments are no longer a thing we have to fear. With new techniques and approaches to beauty, we now have the luxury to enhance our looks in non-invasive ways, ways that don’t require a recovery time or provide us with undesired results. Today we are guiding you through five of the most wonderful and effective beauty treatments that will make you feel and look brand, yet completely natural, so stay with us, because we guarantee you’ll be amazed with what you’ll learn.