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Oct 24, 2017

The Ups And (Many) Downs When Your Child Has A Medical Condition


As a parent, stress is a common part of life. We have experienced every gamut of emotions right from when we found out we were going to be a momma to this beautiful child, and maybe baby blues, anxiety, depression, any extreme emotion is something we've all felt at some point. When our child has a chronic medical condition, it can be another thing completely when it comes to keeping a lid on our emotions. It is horrible, especially when it's something that you didn't notice early on, but you need to be a pillar of strength. So let's address the key points if your child has a medical condition.

Addressing The Condition 
From your perspective, you may feel a lot of anger towards people; from your partner to the medical authorities for not noticing this sooner, but while you could spend a lot of time playing the blame game, addressing the condition is the best way forward. As the mother, you may feel closer to your child than anybody else in the world, which means that you will experience extreme highs and lows. But addressing the condition is how you should move forward, rather than getting stuck on playing the blame game.

Managing Your Stress 
Of course, while everybody is going to feel stressed and anxious in one way or another, you need to find the right methods for you to calm down. You need to be a pillar of strength for your little one, but this unnecessary pressure may be your undoing. So, find methods that can work, there are plenty of relaxation techniques you can find online, and it may be a case of trial and error, but you owe it to yourself to operate as evenly as possible. And don't forget the importance of a support network for you, not just your child.

Wedding Jewelry for Wedding Themes

From fall foliage pictures, to burgundy color schemes, fall weddings have always been a trend. With wedding season at its peak, one needs to be prepared for all types of wedding themes. Here are a few outfits to inspire you for any wedding you might have an invite to.

The Black Tie Event

A black tie theme can often be the go-to for many couples tying the knot. It’s a look that most people can pull together easily, but there is a way to make your outfit stand out from the classic black dresses. Instead of black, try a red or burgundy cocktail dress with some chunky gold jewelry. If your style leans more toward the simple side, AUrate has everything flattering necklaces to simple styles of earrings. If burgundy isn’t for you, a deep emerald green can be a flattering color.

Make it Economical and Ritzy: Smart Tricks into Making Your Room Appear Extravagant

Are you looking to give your bedroom a stylish character? Before you start investing in a costly designer, it is best to think cleverly and critically above all.

Spending a fortune on furniture does not guarantee an elegant look, for what precisely makes a room look like a luxe is its deliberate details. Here are some brilliant tricks in making your room appear luxurious.

Design Your Walls in Sophistication

Except that you are going for an extreme minimalist appearance, plain white walls in a bedroom can make it feel duller than extravagant. Acknowledge a little paint or wallpaper to give your bedroom an enthusiastic and a more deliberate aura.

Select an Exceptional Headboard

Incorporating an extravagant looking headboard is a foolproof way to enhance the beauty element in your bedroom. There is no need to purchase an expensive material to make a room gorgeous, but it should have a remarkable characteristic such as eye-catching color, excellent shape, considerable height or rich fabric like velvet or linen.

Highlight Fascinating Lighting

Health Focus: One Health Aspect Per Family Member


Keeping an eye on your own personal health is tough enough. You have to remember to eat right, take the supplements you need, and ensure you’re getting your full exercise quotient. Looking after yourself is tough enough, but then you have to factor in caring for your family’s needs as well-- it’s an exhausting minefield. 

So, in an effort to simplify the situation, let’s try and focus on one health area per family member. Something that is going to make a difference right now. While health can never be simplified down to a single issue all the time, focusing in one area can be a good jumping-off point if it’s been awhile since you truly focused on your health. So what’s one thing you can do per family member that will make a huge difference for your health? Let’s find out.