Skin Secrets Straight Out Of Hollywood

Have you always wondered how Hollywood starlets keep their skin so radiant all the time? Lots of actresses, models, and pop singers have fresh, glowing skin, you might be thinking that it’s only possible with certain Instagram filters and Photoshop software. In actual fact, it’s not always down to some tech tricks in the post-editing suite. Hollywood skin is achievable even for us mere mortals. Want to know some of Hollywood’s best-kept secrets? Read on to find out more!


Don’t Neglect Sun Care

It can get really hot in Hollywood during the summer months, so all of the biggest stars know that sunscreen is super important for their red-carpet looks. In fact, it’s an important part of their skincare routine even on their days off. Wearing sunscreen every day under your makeup can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and age-lines that can be caused by excessive exposure to the sun. If you take a look on, you will find a selection of foundations with an SPF factor that can provide a minimal level of sun protection. However, it’s only minimal, and always a good idea to wear sunscreen as well. 

Find Skincare Products With Retinol

When you are looking for a new skin cream, it is important that you find one that contains retinol. Lots of Hollywood stars know that this is a magic ingredient that can greatly help with anti-aging. It’s highly recommended by many dermatologists who use this in a variety of skin treatments . There’s just one thing to remember when you start using retinol - its results can take a few months to transpire. So, don’t give up on it if you don’t notice a difference straight away. Good things come to those who wait!


Make Friends With A Dermatologist

All Hollywood starlets will have their favorite dermatologist on speed dial in their phones. And, when you visit to see the wide range of treatments and services they offer, you will soon realize why that is! It’s a good idea to book a consultation with a local dermatologist so that they can check out your skin and see if they can recommend any treatments that can help with anti-aging or that can just improve its overall health and condition. 

Your Skin Is What You Eat

You are what you eat, and that is also the case for your skin. If your diet consists of mainly sugary and fatty foods, you will find that all the toxins from these will migrate to your skin and will cause blemishes to develop and the skin to sag. It is much more beneficial to stick to a diet that has plenty of fresh, nutritional food and ingredients. It’s also necessary to watch your water intake. If you get dehydrated, this will affect your skin, and it will become dry and much more prone to wrinkles. Dehydration also results in dark circles around the eyes.

Once you start using these tips, your skin will soon start to look like you’ve had an expensive facial at one of Hollywood’s boutique beauty salons. So, what are you waiting for?!
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