Preggy and Well-Dressed: 5 Ways To Be Impeccably Stylish During Pregnancy

In the past, the majority of pregnant women faced the dilemma of buying new clothing items and wearing old clothes and didn't even bother or consider buying maternity clothes. They only have little concern for their appearance because they tend to feel out of shape or unshapely during the pregnancy stage.

Fast forward to the present day, this is no longer the case, a lot of modern pregnant women socialize, work and even travel abroad. Thus the need to feel comfortable and attractive is high among them. In general, the appropriate clothing requirements for expecting mothers today are different.

If you’re one of those expecting moms who want to look good all the time, rest assured, there are ways to do so during pregnancy. Check them out below.

Slip-On Trimmings

One of the simplest ways to add flare and dimension to a plain maternity ensemble is to put on your favorite jewelry and accessories. You can try lariat necklaces and dangling earrings to direct the attention away from your face, especially if it looks full or swollen which is just normal during pregnancy.

You can also bring a chic handbag, wear a jeweled cuff on your wrist or wear a scarf in your hair. Or better yet, throw on some fun sling-backs or open-toe sandals if you're not going to be on your feet all day. Sexy footwears can perk up any outfit right away.

Go Skinny and Be Confident

Just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you can't wear tight-fitting pants. If you love wearing tight or skinny jeans before pregnancy, you could still do it now. A lot of maternity lines are making super-comfy, stretchable and chic leather leggings and skinny jeans that will fit and flaunt your new curves.

Choose Snug Clothes Over the Bulky Ones

Wearing baggy clothes might sound like a good idea to hide your size, but the truth is, it will only make you look voluminous. You can trim your silhouette and emphasize the features that aren't expanding with skinnier pants, snug-sleeved tops, and blazers or button-down shirts left unbuttoned from your pre-pregnancy time.

You can also try stretchable knits that fit your form; they look feminine and sexy. In case all else fails, pick a crisp men's dress shirt and pair it a fitted tank or shirt underneath and with jeans or leggings. This look creates a medley of classic, modern and sexy style.

Opt For Bright Colors

Don't limit yourself to neutral and black tones. You should know that color is now a necessary part of the maternity closet for modern women. You'll feel better when you're wearing clothes that are not dull. But, if you're feeling budget-conscious or color-phobe, just wear a bright sweater to complement your all-black outfit.

Nail That Maternity Evening Wear

Don't excuse your pregnancy as a pretext to exclude yourself from the possibility of dressing up in the next few months. There will be events that will demand you to wear more than just a pair of a tunic top and maternity jeans. When this time comes, you need to feel as well turned out and as special as everyone else who’s there. Maternity wear is readily available even on online sources such as French Connection and other sites.

Wear Stylish Flats or Sandals

A pair of heels might be necessary to add sexiness to your overall look. But when it comes to pregnancy, one might need a comfortable and sensible flat. Choose or create a flat shoe collection that will last for nine months. Select an embellished pair, one in gladiator style and a chic ballet shoe. You might be surprised at how many looks you can create by just switching shoes.

Show Some Skin

If you're naturally small-chested, pregnancy is the time that you might have to forget to flaunt your cleavage and wearing padded bras. Take advantage of this fortunate event and start wearing sweaters or scoop-neck T-shirts.


Who says pregnancy is all about the sartorial wilderness for nine months? Pregnancy style can be a challenge, but with the proper style guidance, you can be as stylish and as fashionable as you can be just like when you're still not pregnant. So, for the moms out there who wants to look good and flaunt their baby bumps, start curating your style right now. 
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