Smiles All Round: Picking a Hotel that’s Just Right for All the Family


From making sure your hotel is in keeping with your budget to juggling the various needs of your family, booking a hotel for your upcoming vacation can feel like an overwhelming process. But it needn’t be. 

With all the right planning and preparation, you can cater for all your family’s needs so that when you arrive at your destination all you need to do is enjoy your time away. 

Start By Creating a Budget
Firstly, you’ll need to set a budget for your accommodation before making sure you stick to it. When you start searching for hotels it’s easy to over-spend, but then when you come to your vacation you may be struggling to pay for things you want to do, e.g. visiting attractions or eating at restaurants. 
It doesn’t matter what your budget is, there’ll be something that meets your needs while still being affordable. 

Look at What Hotel Features You Need
As you search for the right hotel you need to prioritize what you need and want. Depending on the vacation you’re planning, certain amenities may be of more importance to you. 
For example, if you’re going on a road trip, you won’t need to spend much time in your room, so location, convenience, and price might be more important for you. However, if you’ll be spending a lot of time at the hotel, e.g. when you’re on a city break, you’ll want to make sure the hotel has plenty of facilities, including Wi-Fi, free breakfast, and a hotel pool. Hotels like the Marriott Crystal Towers are ideal because they also have a fully-serviced spa for you and your partner to take advantage of! 

Conduct Plenty of Research
The hotel website may be all singing and dancing, but don’t just stop there when you’re doing your research. Check out other popular review sites to see what previous travelers have said about it, looking at their photos to get a good idea of what the hotel is like and whether it’s as good as it looks on the booking site. Look at reviews that talk about those features you’re prioritizing and don’t let yourself get bogged down with all the others. 

Include Your Family 
It’s not just you who is going on this vacation, your entire family is too, so it’s a good idea to ask them their opinion on the hotels you’ve shortlisted. You could ask them what’s most important to them or just have a vote on the final two or three on your shortlist. This is a great way to get the whole family involved in your vacation, and it takes some of the pressure off you when it comes to making the decisions. 

Look at What’s Nearby
Wherever your next vacation takes you, you can enhance your stay by learning about what’s in the local area. After you’ve chosen your hotel, find out what attractions, restaurants, and stores there are nearby. You never know, there might be a hidden gem that’s not too far from your hotel which hasn’t shown up in the tourist guidebooks. 

Regardless of which hotel you choose, you can be confident that your next vacation as a family will be memorable for all the right reasons. From planning your trip to selecting your hotel, follow these tips and your hotel booking will be a breeze. 
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