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We Might Hate Misfortune, but It Keeps Us on Our Toes

Who hates to experience misfortune? Pretty much everyone. No one wants to be in a bad situation in life. Everyone wants to live happily ever after without the fear of something bad happening to ruin their lives. However, that’s not how the world works and everyone should understand that misfortune is something that can affect anyone in the world. It’s a combination of bad luck and a lack of knowledge that ultimately create bad fortune.

While it’s understandable that people hate misfortune, it does actually help to keep us on our toes. Without a threat or something negative in our lives, we won’t proactively try to avoid it. Take medicine as an example. No one likes to have a stomach ache. It causes plenty of pain, it makes us immobile sometimes and it can even cause life-long issues if not treated properly.

The active threat of a stomach ache is why everyone tries to eat healthily. We don’t stuff our stomachs with a mixture of different foods until we’re bloated and we try to stay away from out of date foods. These are basic proactive measures that help us fight the threat of a stomach ache, and they’re usually pretty effective as well. In other words, the idea of getting a stomach ache makes us eat more healthily, it puts an emphasis on our diets and it ultimately keeps us on our toes.


Dealing With Misfortune

Misfortune does help to keep us on our toes so that we can always be prepared for the future. However, what if misfortune strikes and we’re left with injuries to our bodies or damage to our belongings? This is where attorneys can come in handy. They’ll give us some advice, they’ll fight in our corner and they’ll make sure that we’re compensated. Getting justice for our misfortune can be a huge boost of satisfaction. The threat of something like a car accident can be scary, but as long as you're aware of the help you can get to remedy the situation, you’ll be fine. By making sure you have contact with local attorneys and insurance companies, you can easily recover financially and mentally with a little bit of preparation.

But that’s just an example of using cars. What about personal injuries? Let’s say you’re visiting the neighbors and one of their dogs leaps at you and takes a chunk of your skin off. It hurts, you’re bleeding and you may even be worried about the possibility of diseases. Again, you could probably call a lawyer or even a doctor, but the idea is to make sure you have the right support and care you need to deal with misfortune. The aftermath could be devastating in this type of scenario. You might dislike seeing dogs in the future, perhaps your relationship with the neighbours is ruined or you may even contract some kind of disease as a result of the bite.

This type of worst-case scenario is scary and no one would want to be in that position. However, the possibility of that happening helps to keep us on our toes. We’ll get friendly with the dog before holding our hands out and reaching for it, we’ll double-check how to interact with dogs before calling out to them, or we’ll try and keep our hands to ourselves and avoid interaction altogether. In short, the idea of misfortune can create “bad” scenarios in our heads that we replay over and over, and these ideas can help us prepare for something that could go wrong in the future.


Coping with Misfortune

The first thing you should do after experiencing something terrible is to take a step back and view it from a wider perspective. It’s natural to freak out and feel absolutely terrible after something happens, but it’s important that you spend a few minutes trying to calm yourself so you can make a logical decision to follow up on the misfortune. Let’s say you’re in a store buying a bunch of groceries. You hand the items to the cashier, she bags them, then you’re on your way out. Suddenly, your bag snaps, and all the contents spill out onto the pavement.

It’s a rather innocent case of misfortune, but it’s a good example to use as a demonstration. In this situation, most people would freak out, start trying to gather all the items they dropped and maybe even curse the store for handing them a flimsy bag. The better option would be to simply ask for new bags (perhaps a couple to double up on their strength) and also request some help. Perhaps you could explain to the cashier that you have a bad back and that you need a bit of help. In most cases, they have to oblige because you are still a customer, and their actions could have a huge impact on their reputation.

Most people would flip out if all of their shopping dropped to the floor. However, a well-trained and patient person understands that they shouldn’t cause a commotion. Not only does it draw unwanted attention, but it also delays things. If you’re able to step back and view the situation from a wider perspective, then it ultimately boils down to fixing the issue as quickly as possible, and nothing will be fixed if all you do is scream and shout at the members of staff in the store.

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Some Final Words

To summarise, make sure that no matter what you do in life, you’re prepared for misfortune. Bad luck can strike at any time, but there are plenty of ways to avoid and remedy it. By empowering ourselves with knowledge and trying to keep ourselves calm so we don’t use our misfortune as a means to vent our rage, we can learn to deal with misfortune and come out stronger at the end of it.

Bad luck happens to anyone, but it’s the people who prepare for bad luck that will come out happier and more positive. Learn to live with bad luck, learn how to avoid it, and learn how you can use those bad luck experiences to your advantage to learn something new.