Capturing Life's Magical Moments

Capturing life’s magical moments is something everybody does - you can call it ‘taking pictures’ if you like! This is one way that families, friends, and just about anybody can document the most special moments to look at later on. Now, you definitely shouldn’t spend so long looking down the lense of a camera that you actually forget to enjoy the moment with your own eyes. However, knowing the best way to do it will save you so much time, hassle, and money. 


Invest In The Right Equipment
If you’re going to take the best pictures, then you’re going to want to invest in the right equipment. You don’t necessarily need to buy a screen for your background (just use the outdoors or your home) or a ring light (just get outside), but you will want a camera and a tripod. If you purchase a camera without a tripod, then you’re either going to always have one person missing from your pictures, or always going to have to ask somebody else to take it. Not ideal! A tripod means everybody is included and that the camera stays steady.  

Now, when it comes to choosing the right camera, you need to consider your lifestyle and needs. Do you mind having something big and clunky for the sake of quality, or would you rather purchase a canon camera that is a little more portable? Think of the ways you’ll be using this camera most and know what is important to you. 

Shoot In Manual Exposure Mode
It’s up to you how much you actually want to experiment with your camera. Of course, if you’re a budding photographer then you can really go to town with it and have a lot of fun. However, a simple way to shoot great photos is with manual exposure mode. This ensures your picture’s colors and overall look is just right. 

Lock The Focus Or Use Manual Focus
Lock the focus or use manual focus to make sure there’s no annoying blurry parts in the picture. If you forget to do this, it’s unlikely this is going to be a picture you’ll want to look back on. 

Lighting Is Key
You should probably know this already, but lighting is key to taking a good photograph. It doesn’t matter if you have a great camera and other great pieces of equipment, you must make sure you consider lighting in everything. A photo taken in artificial lighting is going to look very different to a picture taken in natural lighting, which is the best kind of lighting to use. Flash photography hardly ever looks good! 

Have Fun And Loosen Up Your Subjects 
Make sure your subjects aren’t stiff when taking the picture. Have a laugh together and loosen them up so that their natural personalities and smiles shine through. 

Consider Experimenting With Editing Software 
While your family are of course beautiful without, there’s nothing wrong with experimenting with editing software to make your pictures even better. You aren’t doing this to change your appearance. You can use it to take something distracting out of the background, to straighten the horizon, or something else the photo needs to look a little more professional! 

Capture those magical moments with these tips! 
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