Vintage Cars, Boat, and a Helicopter: 7 Unique Transport Ideas for Your Wedding


Finally, it is your wedding day! You probably have mixed emotions right now. The happiness and nervousness you feel are inevitable as the day when you tie the knot is fast approaching. Besides that you're about to enter a new chapter of your life, and you must also want this special day to be picture-perfect. And one way to make your wedding a memorable one is in how you make your entrance and exit impressive and spectacular. 

At weddings, you have probably witnessed various forms of wedding transport in sleek and sophisticated cars, shuttles, and limousines. However, there are other forms of wedding transportation to make your special day unique and unforgettable.

In this article, you will know some remarkable and inspiring wedding transport ideas that you might consider for your wedding. So take a read. 

Sail Your Bride in a Boat
If you’re planning a beach or waterfront wedding ceremony, it is excellent to consider a boat as transport for your bride and the entire wedding entourage. There are many boat services that you can rent out, such as the offerings from Kai Kanani, to take you to your wedding destination. Plus, what’s a better place to have your wedding after-party than above the waters inside a boat? 

Experience the Classic in a Horse-Drawn Carriage


Well, for sure you know that a horse-drawn carriage is one of the oldest forms of transportation you will ever see, but its allure is unrivaled and timeless. Many modern brides, and perhaps your bride, have fairytale fantasies of taking a grand wedding entrance and exit riding on a horse-drawn carriage. 

Before you go for it, it’s crucial that you know about the weather forecast for your wedding day for you to see whether you will need an open-top or a covered carriage. Also, make sure that you decorate your carriage. You can adorn it with beautiful bright ribbons and flowers for you to have a spectacular entrance into the church. 

Take a Trolley Ride
For its capacity, a trolley is an ideal option if you have a large entourage and you are looking for a means of transport to get everyone to the wedding venue or reception. Aside from its quaint, old-school style, trolleys are also an inexpensive form of wedding transport. 

Models of New Jersey trolley cars will not only allow you to carry a large party, but they also provide an excellent background for wedding photo-ops.

Get Weird Riding a Tuk-Tuk


A tuk-tuk is an excellent choice if you are planning an Oriental-themed wedding. With a structure similar to a rickshaw, you can see tuk-tuks plying the narrow streets of the countries in Southeast Asia. 

Nowadays, tuk-tuk is becoming popular in the UK as a unique mode of wedding transportation. If you are looking for an exceptional, if not to say weird, kind of wedding, there isn’t a better way to get around than riding a tuk-tuk. 

Take Your Wedding to a New Level by Riding a Helicopter
For sure, you will at first have qualms about the idea of arriving at your wedding ceremony via a helicopter because it might be a little bit extravagant. But if you think traveling by land will not make a bold statement, then make your entrance impressive by taking it from the skies!

There are many helicopter flights and services like Micro Flite that you can book for your wedding day. Aside from the fact that flying in a chopper is a unique wedding transport, it will also give your wedding a sophisticated and glamorous look. 

However, before booking one, make sure that you secure permission to land and take off in a particular place. There are many hotels with helipads that you can book for your wedding reception.

Have a Fun Ride in an Old Pickup Truck


Well, arriving at the wedding venue in an old pickup truck may not be the most glamorous option, but it is sure to help make a bold statement and provide some cool photo-ops. 

But if you think that what I am talking about is an old, dirty pickup truck, no I am not. You need to make sure that you hire an old but modified pickup truck to complement a special occasion like a wedding. For example, rent a vintage American-style pickup that has bright paint to make an attraction for your wedding. 

Go Vintage
If you have an intense longing for the golden era of cars when gangsters were cool, and prohibition ruled the streets, you can now satisfy that longing by riding in them on your wedding day. For example, you can ride a Royal Windsor, Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, or 1960s convertible car. Despite their age, these cars will inevitably turn anyone’s head today and will never go out of style.


All of us who look to the future of getting married want to make our wedding day extra-special. And one of the ways to make a wedding attractive and spectacular is by choosing a unique wedding transport. Cool wedding transport ideas will not only ward off the basic and overly-formal wedding ambiance but also make your wedding fun and memorable.

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