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Oct 19, 2017

Will Cool Car Tech Eliminate Insurance Premiums?

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If you’ve been paying attention to the media, lately you might have noticed that some people are obsessed with the idea of autonomous cars. Volvo have even suggested that the new tech will lead to zero accidents in their cars by 2020. Some people are already suggesting that in a few years we might no longer need car insurance and at this moment, you’re probably jumping for joy. After all, no car insurance means one less bill to pay. But is this really a possibility? The answer I’m afraid is no, and there are a few reasons for this. 

Car Insurance Is A Billion Dollar Industry

If you’ve ever been in an accident, you will know that getting an insurance company to pay up can be a complete nightmare. According to, after a crash, an opposing insurance company is going to do whatever they can to keep what they have to pay out at a low level. They’re right too because insurance companies are a profit machine and if they pay too much out, they lose money. So, at this point, you have to ask whether there’s any chance of an industry this large disappearing and the answer is no. The only way the insurance companies for cars disappear altogether would be if this new tech was infallible clearly isn’t. 

Think You Can't Afford A Pet? Think Again

Caring for yourself can get expensive, never mind other beings depending on you. When you’re living on a budget, a few of life’s luxuries get left out of the shopping basket. Actually, quite a lot of them are considering the price of everything nowadays. We look up and down the shelves looking for the best deals, we go online, we shop in thrift and charity stores. However, that isn’t going to find us everything we want, and sometimes what we really want is a pet to run along at our feet with us. 

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Try Something Small First

Okay so what you really want is an adorable little kitten, or a puppy that can loll about with you in your downtime, yet that’s unrealistic to aim for straight away when you have a spending limit on a four legged friend. 

Obviously, you’re going to have to go smaller as a result. Try something like a goldfish or hamster, as they’re low maintenance pets, yet still require a lot of our input to keep them happy and healthy. Watching a fish swim around its tank is a nice backdrop to getting some work done, and can keep the kids entertained for a while. Similarly, the hamster is fluffy and can run up and down its nightclub-like enclosure, which is great for building upon. 

Capturing Life's Magical Moments

Capturing life’s magical moments is something everybody does - you can call it ‘taking pictures’ if you like! This is one way that families, friends, and just about anybody can document the most special moments to look at later on. Now, you definitely shouldn’t spend so long looking down the lense of a camera that you actually forget to enjoy the moment with your own eyes. However, knowing the best way to do it will save you so much time, hassle, and money. 


Invest In The Right Equipment
If you’re going to take the best pictures, then you’re going to want to invest in the right equipment. You don’t necessarily need to buy a screen for your background (just use the outdoors or your home) or a ring light (just get outside), but you will want a camera and a tripod. If you purchase a camera without a tripod, then you’re either going to always have one person missing from your pictures, or always going to have to ask somebody else to take it. Not ideal! A tripod means everybody is included and that the camera stays steady.  

Now, when it comes to choosing the right camera, you need to consider your lifestyle and needs. Do you mind having something big and clunky for the sake of quality, or would you rather purchase a canon camera that is a little more portable? Think of the ways you’ll be using this camera most and know what is important to you.