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Oct 11, 2017

Aging Skin? Turn Back the Clock With These Beauty Tips

None of us can escape the aging process. Soon enough, those pesky age lines will appear on our faces and the process of getting old will begin. But, there are a few things you can do to keep your skin looking as young as possible for as long as possible. No, there isn’t a magic elixir that can turn back time as soon as your skin starts to age. But, taking care of your skin will mean you’ll be able to look fabulous at any age. So, what are the secrets?


Don’t Plough on the Make-Up

When you’re having a bad day and you’ve got dark circles under your eyes, along with blemishes you could really do without, it’s tempting to apply more make-up in an effort to cover up your imperfections. But, the more makeup you used, the older you tend to look. There’s nothing more youthful looking than fresh, natural skin. So, instead of covering yourself in concealer, only use a dot of it in places where it’s really needed. Make-up isn’t natural for the skin, so you could find that it damages your skin if you use a lot of it.

Preggy and Well-Dressed: 5 Ways To Be Impeccably Stylish During Pregnancy

In the past, the majority of pregnant women faced the dilemma of buying new clothing items and wearing old clothes and didn't even bother or consider buying maternity clothes. They only have little concern for their appearance because they tend to feel out of shape or unshapely during the pregnancy stage.

Fast forward to the present day, this is no longer the case, a lot of modern pregnant women socialize, work and even travel abroad. Thus the need to feel comfortable and attractive is high among them. In general, the appropriate clothing requirements for expecting mothers today are different.

If you’re one of those expecting moms who want to look good all the time, rest assured, there are ways to do so during pregnancy. Check them out below.