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Oct 7, 2017

We Might Hate Misfortune, but It Keeps Us on Our Toes

Who hates to experience misfortune? Pretty much everyone. No one wants to be in a bad situation in life. Everyone wants to live happily ever after without the fear of something bad happening to ruin their lives. However, that’s not how the world works and everyone should understand that misfortune is something that can affect anyone in the world. It’s a combination of bad luck and a lack of knowledge that ultimately create bad fortune.

While it’s understandable that people hate misfortune, it does actually help to keep us on our toes. Without a threat or something negative in our lives, we won’t proactively try to avoid it. Take medicine as an example. No one likes to have a stomach ache. It causes plenty of pain, it makes us immobile sometimes and it can even cause life-long issues if not treated properly.

The active threat of a stomach ache is why everyone tries to eat healthily. We don’t stuff our stomachs with a mixture of different foods until we’re bloated and we try to stay away from out of date foods. These are basic proactive measures that help us fight the threat of a stomach ache, and they’re usually pretty effective as well. In other words, the idea of getting a stomach ache makes us eat more healthily, it puts an emphasis on our diets and it ultimately keeps us on our toes.