I’m Going to be a Mom? Now What?

Pregnant Woman Holding Tummy

Moms have to develop a full range of skills to guide their children to maturity and ultimately, a successful future. From nursing to teaching them and setting a positive example, a mother is her child's first and longest-lasting tutor. She is also her children's security guard, counselor, and cheerleader, among many other roles. 

Health and Wellbeing 
From the day a child is born, the mother will take full responsibility for monitoring the infant's health and safety. Checking for a fever, comforting when ill, and taking the child to the doctor as needed are all part of a mom's duties. Routine checkups and periodic vaccinations also fall into this category. Although a mother is not expected to know much about medical issues, she knows her child well enough to see when something is wrong. A call to the doctor's office or a visit to the ER for critical problems can be arranged by a competent and caring mom who keeps a close watch over her babies. 

Risky Behaviors 
Preteens (even elementary school age) and teens are prone to experimenting with social cliques and engaging in risk-taking behaviors, such as smoking, drinking, or using drugs. Caring moms inform children who are spending more time away from home with friends about the dangers of alcoholism and drug use. If an addiction problem develops, a loving mother will help a child explore alcohol detox center options to get professional help, if needed. 

As toddlers grow older and eventually start school, a mother will teach children how to treat others with respect. She will also train her kids to deal with bullies when parents or teachers are not around. This may mean sticking up for themselves or reporting bullying behavior to an authority figure. Committed moms anticipate and prepare children for antagonistic people and situations in the world beyond the front door. 

Social Pressures 
Kids today face more pressure and experience greater anxiety than those of previous generations. The fear of a school shooting is frightening for any child to contemplate. On a less public scale are physical threats and emotional traumas that develop on social media. Kids who are plugged into these sites are looking to connect with peers or make new friends. However, they sometimes run into trouble from predators, snobs, or cyberbullies. Wise moms will ensure the child's school is prepared to deal with a terror attack. They will train kids on what to do or not do in case of an active shooter. Online, moms should be available to initially monitor children's involvement in social media at the right age and to help kids make good decisions about people or friendships online. Kids left unattended can sometimes get into trouble by meeting the wrong person or engaging in problematic ways.

Education and Career 
Busy moms understand the importance of helping kids plan for the future. The moms supervise homework to ensure it is completed correctly and on time. To prepare for college, moms help their high school students prepare for college admission by studying for SAT/ACT exams. When a job interview comes up, they role-play with their kids to get them ready. 
Being a mother is so much more than just giving birth. It involves flexibility, commitment, and the development of several key skills that will help to equip their children for high school graduation and adulthood. Teens who enter military service, go to college, or begin a vocational career often have Mom to thank for their success.
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