How to Boost Your Daughter’s Self Esteem

Nowadays, it is hard to raise daughters with a positive self-image thanks to the impossibly high standards of beauty that celebrities set. As a parent, you have a great influence on your children’s life. Therefore, you can boost your daughter’s self-esteem from a young age to ensure that she grows up to be a confident woman.
Here are some tips that will help you to boost your daughter’s self-esteem:

Enroll Her in Sports

According to research, children who play sports have higher self-esteem than those who do not. When a girl plays sports, she will look at other girls to determine her value instead of relying on what boys think. Wearing sports uniforms such as custom softball jerseys will make your daughter feel like a part of something bigger, which will improve her self-image significantly.

Let Her Know You Love Her

You need to let your child know that you love her no matter what. Her appearance and dress code might change but your love should remain the same. Even though children rely on their peers for feedback, what you think as a parent still matters. You should never stop reiterating your love even when your child acts out to test your patience.

Help Her Build Skills

Instead of focusing on looks and buying new things, you should get your daughter involved in activities that will build up her self-esteem. Theater, music, and art are just some of the activities that your daughter can take up to build her self-worth. With such activities to keep her busy, your daughter will be able to express herself through creativity or words instead of getting by on looks.

Direct Praise away from Her Appearance

No matter how pretty your daughter might be, you need to balance your compliments about her looks with compliments about who she is as a person. If you find yourself giving too many compliments about her appearance, you should challenge yourself to praise her twice as much on things that are not based on her appearance. Once you form a habit, you should start complimenting other girls the same way.

Monitor the Media in the House

As a parent, you need to know what magazines you have lying around the house. After your daughter looks at magazines that show some unrealistic female images, she will feel imperfect and this will affect her self-image negatively. To avoid this, you should not have such magazines in your house.

Moreover, you should watch television together with your daughter and take every chance you can to discuss the content that you are seeing.

Lead by Example

As girls grow up, they look up to their parents. For this reason, you need to show some positive body acceptance. Your daughter will pick up on your self-image by listening to the words that you use. If you are always putting yourself down or saying that you are fat, she will associate extra weight with negative things.

Moreover, you need to choose your words carefully. For instance, you should not call yourself a ‘bad girl’ for eating a piece of pie. When you do such things, your daughter might have a negative relationship with food, which might lead to eating disorders such as anorexia.

Don’t Be Judgmental

Whether your daughter is competing in a soccer game or acting in a school play, you should avoid being judgmental. Instead of telling her what she did wrong, you should focus on the positive aspects of her performance. Being too critical might nip a new hobby in the bud because your daughter will think that you do not like it.

Talk about the Woman She Wants to be

You should talk to her about the woman that she wants to become one day. You can ask her to dream about that woman and then ask her to do everything that she can to achieve that dream. What do you need to do together to help her to become her best self? You should let her know that what she does now will affect the outcome of her dreams.

You also need to tell her to associate with the right people. Choosing the wrong group of friends to hang out with will also affect her direction in life.

Choose Positivity over Criticism

Positive comments play a big part in shaping the behavior of your child more positively than criticism. For this reason, you should focus on what your child is doing right instead of criticizing her all the time. If you have to offer critiques, you should make sure that it is constructive criticism.


Raising a daughter is not easy, especially if you have never had a mother figure in your life. If you want your daughter to grow up to be a confident woman, the above tips will come in handy.

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