How I Make My Kids Hapee? #GoTheExtraSmile

What makes kids hapee? I can say a new toy, an ice cream or going out and some surprises These things can bring easily smile to children.

Every Child is different on what makes them happy, I'm glad that my kids are not more on toys and gadgets thingy. Simple going out here in our place an afternoon walk makes them happy.

They are happy and smiled when I started  decorating for Christmas

After Kuya Mikael's Poem Recital and Quiz Bee, we went out to eat at their favorite Jollibee.

For my kids, our time is a precious key for their smile. Mikael my eldest is a special child and seeing him happy and smile is priceless. 

Smile kiddos =)
Teaching them on how they brush their teeth makes our bonding too and they are enjoying it. A video like this helps children learn the importance of brushing teeth every time after a meal or 3x a day.

Making your kids happy is not always about materials things by simply giving your time for them, teaching them and #MakeBrushTimeHapeeTime   kids can appreciate little things like that sometimes by going that extra effort for your kids is by doing nothing, giving nothing just be with them #GoTheExtraSmile .
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