Beauty Without Pain and Needle Injections

Biotulin Brings Similar Results as Botox But Simpler and Safer to Use

The search for the fountain of youth has gone a long way. People today are willing to push their limits to defy aging—even if it means taking risks with needle injections. This is what happens with Botox.
Although widely popular for wrinkle reduction, Botox has its drawbacks too. It reduces fine lines by invading nerve cells to temporarily paralyze the muscles. When done wrong, Botox can be damaging and you could suffer from facial freeze.
Looking young does not have to be risky and painful. So, a team of scientists led by pharmacist and chemist Dr. Claus Breuer developed a supreme natural skin gel that can make the skin young again with no risks and side effects. This is when Biotulin was born.

Dubbed as 'Organic Botox,' Biotulin gives the same result as Botox but with a simpler and safer procedure. Unlike Botox, Biotulin is an organic skin gel that is applied to the face as a soothing lotion and acts as a muscle relaxant. This means no needle injections, no pain and no downtime.
It is formulated with three (3) active ingredients which relax the muscles, give the skin extra moisture and counter the natural aging process.

The first active ingredient is Spilanthol, a local anaesthetic extracted from Acmella Oleracea that reduces muscle contractions and relaxes the features, resulting in wrinkle reduction and smoother facial skin that’s visible to the eyes. Next is an extract from Imperata Cylindrica, also known as blady grass, which gives the skin with extra moisture, making it reanimated and beautifully young again. Lastly, Hylauron, which occurs naturally in the human body, replumps and hydrates the skin to help cellular regeneration and defy the natural aging process.
Continuous and uninterrupted use of Biolutin brings a cumulative effect. The longer you use it, the younger and more beautiful your skin will be. Once you’ve achieved your desired result, you have the option not to continue using it.

Now you don't need to gamble to look young forever. Defy aging with no risks or side effects with a dermatologically tested organic skin gel.
Biotulin is available in selected Flawless Clinics. For better results, it is also offered via Fractional Needling Therapy (FNT) with Biotulin at selected Flawless clinics. You may call +632 584 6807 or visit their website

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