Budget Busters: Three Places Most of us Overspend

Do you forever find yourself with too much month at the end of your money? All of us feel the pinch from time to time, but if this is a regular thing then it could be a clue that something needs to change. There are a number of places that most of us overspend without even realizing, and putting these right can mean extra cash in your pocket. Here are some ideas to look into.

Unfortunately, we all have to pay bills, it’s a sad fact of life. However, you want to make sure that you’re not overpaying. If it’s been a while since you made any changes, it might be worth looking through and making sure you’re getting the best deals. This article can help you find the cheapest phone plan https://budgetboost.co/cheapest-unlimited-data-plan-comparison/. You could do checks for the cheapest broadband, insurance, and even utilities by running quotes through a price comparison site. Rather the extra money stay in your pocket than go to these big companies when it doesn’t need to!

Just about all of us are guilty of wasting food, and if you look at the statistics of what goes to waste each year it’s really quite shocking. As families, we’re literally spending money on food just to throw it in the bin. Getting organized with your groceries is one way to avoid this. If you plan your meals, you won’t overestimate the number of fresh items you need, for them to later end up in the bin. You also won’t find yourself running out of things midweek and having to call an unhealthy and expensive takeaway. Simple changes like taking your own packed lunch and coffee to work instead of buying them every day can add up in a big way. If you’re forever wondering where all of your money is disappeared to, comb through your bank statement. Much more than you might realize will be going on food!

It’s so important to socialize. Spending time with people you care about and whose company you enjoy can make life fulfilling and generally keep you sane! It breaks up the ‘work, eats, sleep, repeats’ cycle and gives you something to look forward to. But socializing isn’t always cheap- meet your friends in a restaurant for dinner or out in a bar and it can massively blow your budget. It’s certainly not to say you should stop socializing but do look at ways you can make things a little cheaper. Plan nights in, you could have friends each bring a dish and a bottle and throw a potluck party. That way you all get to sample each others cooking and there’s no major expense on any one person. When the weather is mild, picnics and barbeques where everyone brings something along also work well. There are restaurants that you can go to where you can bring your own drinks, this can make the overall night a lot cheaper. Do your research and find ways that you can spend time with your friends without it costing a fortune.

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