New Skin Care Products From Sunday Riley Are Coming Soon

Sunday Riley Why Everyone Is So Obsessed with the SkinCare Brand Right Now

Sunday Riley is a popular line of skin care items. The company headquarters are based in Houston, Texas. The company was founded in 2009 by a woman who bears the same name. Sunday is a talented entrepreneur, and her brand has been attracting a lot of positive attention since its onset.

The products are scientifically created with a blend of active ingredients and powerful botanicals. Sunday believes that these are what is needed to maintain younger looking skin, and her customers are reaping the results. There were no other companies that were using similar ingredients, so Sunday decided to launch her own line. The company is the maker of Good Genes, and they just announced the launch of the product's limited edition kit.

Her company is behind some of the best selling products at Sephora. It is expected that any new launch by Sunday Riley will be widely received, and there will be long wait lists in anticipation for it. Sunday's launch of the new set even took some experts in the beauty industry by surprise.

Good Gene is a liquid exfoliator and it is one of their customer favorites. The product contains lactic acid, and it is said to leave the skin with a glowing, smooth radiance. The product was popular in the UK until that all changed earlier in the year. The UK distribution of Good Genes was discontinued, and the product was removed from the shelves. According to the company, it was the result of a new regulation regarding the use of lactic acid in the UK. The regulation called for a limit to be placed on the amount of lactic acid permitted into a skin care formula.

The loyal customers, now unable to get this product in the UK, were beside themselves until the company made an announcement in October. That month they re-launched the product with a new formulation. They made some changes to meet the new regulation, and the replacement ingredient would still offer the desired results. Instead of using lactic acid, the formula was changed to include glycolic acid. Glycolic acid is also known to have desirable exfoliating effects. Sunday Riley also added an ingredient to solve the needs of their customers with sensitive skin.

The company is marketing the brand new limited edition kit calling it the Early Access Kit. They are keeping the number of kits down to only 1,000 in total. Additionally, they are including two more products to the kit to make it an even more special offering for their customers. Each kit will include two" yet to be released "products as a preview to what's coming. The plan is to publicly launch their new items at the beginning of next year.

If sold separately, the products that are being offered in the Early Access Kit would retail for $230. However, as a specially prepared kit, the price is $185. The products are all full size, including the new items containing glycolic acid. Right now, they are only being sold in the Early Access Kit. The new version of Good Genes with the glycolic acid alternative has not yet been released separately in the US. The company has not yet announced that date. The first of the items being previewed, A+, is anticipated to launch during January 2019. The second new product, C.E.O. Glow, is expected to be on the market in March.

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