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Kids Fashion Trends in the Summer 2018

Of course, the most important thing when it comes to kids’ clothes is the comfort and quality - that goes without saying.  But who says you can’t have everything and have really trendy and fashionable clothes which are at the same time really practical, comfortable and high quality.    

So check the latest trends in kids fashion for this summer, without compromising any of the above-mentioned aspects from places like ModerneChild.

It is important to keep the cool, manage sweating and stay protected from the sun in the summer, but why not look cool and trendy at the same time.  Here are a few tips which  help you decide what clothes are the best fit for your children this summer.  

Besides being comfortable and suitable for the weather, the fabrics of your children ’s clothes should also be fashionable so you will see homespun cotton,  embroidered  patches  and denim and rope ties in many collections this summer. 

The clothes are mostly adapted to exploring and discovering the world, making your child comfortable in outside summer activities.  The preference this year is to go with bold grap
hic prints and clothes with geometric patterns or shape.  They won’t be difficult to find this season.  Also,  always  keep  linen  in  mind,  as it is perfect for the hot weather and it never gets out of fashion.  

Of course, summer is all about bright and light colors.  Some parents prefer to stay gender-neutral when it comes to colors,  so red is always a good option along with all its shades.  Of  course,  you can never go wrong with green which will bring freshness into hot summer days.  Khaki colors are also very popular, especially in combination with some bright colors, and are suitable both for boys and girls.   
Of course, for those who prefer more  "girly" outfits, you can never go wrong with the pastel tones.  It is a  hit this season and it will make your girl look super cute and gentle.  If you want to spice it up a little,  chose items with funny and cute prints and quotes.  You can find out more about these types of clothes here
And for the young gentlemen, stripes are this summer’s trademark.  If you want to something to break the typical bright colors indispensable in the summer, go for the plain colors,
and your boy will look super trendy this season.  Pair  that  with  some  structured  prints,  and  you’re  ready  to  go.  

Of course, summer footwear is one of the most important aspects of clothing.  They should be really comfortable allowing the feet to breathe in all this heat.  Make sure you get some quality sandals and flip flops which will complete your kid’s summer outfits.    
Again,  choose  bright  colors,  but  not  too  colorful  if  possible. Shoes are really effective in completing an outfit.  Also, don’t forget to get some light sneakers which will protect your kid ’s feet, without warming them too much.  You can always go for a cartoon character print, there ’s no mistake there.  

If you want to make sure your kids look trendy this season, and you’re not planning to buy too many new things for this summer, you can always choose some accessories which will
ensure your child's outfit is still fashionable,  even  though  they  are  maybe  wearing  some  last year’s  models.    
Accessories  such  as  bow  pins,  hats  or  hair  bands  can  really  freshen  up  a look  and  spice  up  the  combination.  Cool  caps  with  print  are  always  are  a  good  option  for  the  boys.  
If  you  choose  quality  clothes  made  of  light,  natural  materials,  in  bright  colors sublimed  by  some  pastels  or  nudes,  along  with  some  cool  and  cute  prints,  your  kid  is  goingto  be  a  true  trend  setter  this  summer.  Add  some  nice  shoes  and  a  few  fashion  details,  and  the  little  one  is  ready  for  the  catwalk!