Telltale Signs That Your Child Is Being Bullied and How to Help Them

Bullying is something that can happen anywhere. You could experience it in schools, you could see it happening in the workplace or you could even experience it at home. However, most people understand how to deal with bullying and they know how to overcome the issues that lead to bullying in the first place. Unfortunately, children are incredibly susceptible to bullying and it can affect them in more ways than it would hurt adults.

In most cases, children are too afraid to speak up about bullying, so here are a couple of telltale signs to look out for in children that are being bullied at school.

Source: Pexels

Your child is withdrawn and tends to keep to themselves

It’s natural for kids to group up and hang out with each other. If you find that your child is withdrawn and tends to avoid large groups, then it could be because they’re being bullied or feel threatened by other kids in the group. This could be an early sign of school anxiety symptoms and it would be best to seek assistance from experts. You don’t want to approach your child and bluntly point out certain things like “why aren’t you play with the other kids?” because it could worsen the condition and lead to further mental complications.

Your child avoids using the internet despite being on the computer often in the past

Children love using the internet because it’s a way to learn new things, play video games and also connect with their friends. However, if your child isn’t using the internet much anymore or tends to play on their own, then this could be a case of cyberbullying. Children often say nasty things on the internet because they haven’t quite understood the implications or effects of their actions, and there are teenagers and other adults mixed into the internet that could treat your child badly or even bully them in games and online message boards.

There’s not much you can do in this situation because restricting your child’s access to the internet will make them even more upset. The best thing to do in this scenario is to comfort your child and teach them to ignore the nasty things that are being said on the internet. If the cyberbullying is coming from another child at school, then it’s possible to confront the school principal or other parents regarding this behavior.

Unexplained bruises and/or cuts on your child

While it’s completely normal to see cuts and bruises on a child that likes to play sports, if there are unexplained reasons for physical damage on your child then it could be due to fights or bullying at school. If you suspect this to be the case, then it might be best to speak with your child and ask them to explain the cuts and bruises. If they can’t come up with a reason or refuse to tell the truth, then we would strongly advise against pushing the issue further and instead, speaking to other parents or school authorities for assistance.
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