How To Help When Your Kid Is Being Cyberbullied


For all the good in the world, there is also bad, and that could not be truer with the internet. Yeah, it has its positives, it has tons of them, but cyberbullying is not one. Cyberbullying has caught traction in recent years and how we deal with it as parents are something that has no precedent. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to just accept it. You can prevent it by teaching your kids how to use tech safely, and you can help should it have already begun. That is why we have come up with these top tips to help you if you think or know your child is the victim of cyberbullying. 

Involve Them In The Resolution

Once you find out about them being cyberbullied, most parents want to pull their child out of the firing line and deal with it without involving them. Don’t. When someone gets bullied, the thing that gets hit the most is their dignity and sense of control. By keeping them involved in finding a solution you are helping to regain both of these things. The other reason to involve them is that they know the context better than you ever will. Bullying almost always comes from school life, something us parents know very little about and it is your child’s perspective that may help you understand the cause better. 

You've Been Told, You're Lucky

If your child has come to you and told you and asked for your help, then you are one of the lucky parents. A lot of the time, children that are being cyberbullied are too scared to tell their parents and so the mom and dad are left guessing at what is wrong. If you are in the latter camp and you have an inkling of something happening to your child due to agitation, lack of sleep or not wanting to go to school, there are a few things you can do. First, install iPhone tracking software to find out why they seem anxious while using their tech, and then find time to ask them calmly and openly what is wrong. Never assume it is bullying, though. Always try and get the full story from their perspective before you assume anything. 

Think About Your Response

It is such a delicate balancing act for a parent, but you need to realize that your reaction to them telling you is so important because you could easily make it worse. Don’t act rashly. Don’t jump to conclusions or try and solve the issue on your own. It is so tempting to address the bullying or speak to the school, but this will increase the marginalization that your child is feeling, and that is what feeds the bully. Most cyberbullying comes from the bully thinking they are increasing their power by putting others down, and that is why your reaction needs to be well considered. 

Self-Respect Is The Endgame

It is as simple as that. Restoring their self-respect and building up their resilience should be the priority when it comes to finding a solution, not getting someone punished. This is because helping them find that confidence and respect are what is going to make them heal, recover and find that dignity they lost. It could mean that your child has to stand up to the bully, it could mean they ignore it, perhaps it is getting someone else involved. Whatever it is, you and your child need to figure out how to get that self-respect back and do it together.
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