Steps You Can Take When Struggling To Get Pregnant

For the most part, we presume that we will be able to get pregnant when we want to. However, the fact is that isn’t always the case - sometimes conceiving a child can take a lot longer than you would like it to. Of course, just because it’s taking a little longer than you thought it would, that doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s a problem, it could just be that things are working slower than you would expect.

The good news is that if getting pregnant is taking longer than you would like, there are some simple things that you can try. Below is a guide to the steps that you should take if you’re struggling to get pregnant.

Take self-care seriously

A lot of the time, when couples struggle to conceive it’s because they aren’t taking care of themselves properly. Did you know that often, it’s lifestyle factors that impact a couple's ability to conceive? Studies have shown that factors such as not eating a healthy, a balanced diet, drinking high amounts of alcohol, failing to exercise, and smoking can all impact fertility. However, the good news is that usually, if you make lifestyle changes and strive to lead a healthier life, you can improve your fertility.

Know when to see a doctor

When it comes to fertility, there’s no rush to see a doctor. In fact, it’s recommended that for healthy, younger couples who are under 35 years old, it’s best to try to conceive for a year, before heading off to see a doctor. For older couples, over the age of 35, it’s recommended that after trying to conceive for six months a doctor is consulted. Should the doctor confirm that you have fertility issues, it’s important to seek expert help as soon as possible - to learn more about this you could visit and have a browse of the treatments available.

Be positive

Studies have shown that excessive stress can impact the chances of getting pregnant that a couple, so it’s important to try and remain calm even if it takes a while to conceive. Because being stressed out and anxious, can make the process of conceiving even more difficult. A lot of couples also find speaking with other couples who have struggled to get pregnant helpful, as they have a better understanding of what they’re going through. There is a range of support groups that you can choose to join.

Alternative therapies can be beneficial

A lot of couples who struggle with fertility find that seeking alternative therapies can be helpful. Yoga and Pilates have been proven to be successful in making getting pregnant easier for many couples, while others have found acupuncture to be useful. Taking all-natural herbal supplements is another approach that many couples take.

Struggling to get pregnant can be scary, but it’s important to remember that it’s fairly common and often there’s an easy fix for these issues. It’s just a case of staying calm and trying not to stress, while you take steps to give your chances of conceiving a boost.
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