A Guide for Choosing the Best Swimsuit – The Mom Edition

Moms, it’s time to get swimsuit-curious! Some ladies may dread this sizzling conversation, while others will gladly pick up a glass of lemonade and start taking notes. No matter which group you belong to, consider this a judgment-free zone where you get to consider your actual preferences, not just trends, and your comfort over aesthetics – although you can always look for the best of both worlds, and we’ll help you find it. 
Whether you’re a new mom still in the breastfeeding phase, dealing with sore boobs and that post-partum belly, or a super-fit momma handling a few toddlers – there’s something for everyone here. Let’s go over a few ideas that can help you find the best option for you and your body so that you can enjoy your summer with no constraints and be a real confidence role-model for your youngsters! 

Support is key for free movement

Are you going on a solo vacation for a few days while the grandparents care for your offspring, or do you plan to take the kids with you? If the latter is true, then you’ll need all the mobility in this world to be truly beach-ready! That said, different tops come with different levels of support, and you need to find the most durable, supportive kind that suits your nurturing bosom.
Some come with pads, although that doesn’t necessarily mean added support, just more time to dry. Others, however, provide extra support thanks to their texture and stretchy fabric, while adjustable straps can help you adapt depending on how loose or tight you’d like your top to be! The same applies to the bottoms, as support for your post-partum pouch can make all the difference in making you feel more comfortable while playing volleyball with the younglings on the beach!

Comfortably paired with funky

Moms, do you find yourself avoiding bikinis because you’re feeling too self-conscious? You’re not alone. However, no matter your mood, whether you’d genuinely enjoy a bikini or a high-waisted supportive swimsuit, you can always spice things up with playful patterns. There’s no need for your stunning swimsuit bottoms to be anything less than vibrant and summer-perfect! 
So, you never have to abandon your love for colorful things simply because you currently feel more comfortable wearing something less revealing or with a higher cut. Floral patterns are a great way to add a perky touch to your swimsuit combo, while frills and embroidery can be equally flattering and easy to match with your other beachwear.

Try on different cuts

While you’re at it, get to know your body better. Since your body has changed, you might discover that off-shoulder tops now feel better for your bust, or that tankinis give you a shapely figure without making you feel constrained. Then again, you might discover that adjustable tops and bottoms alike are your body’s best friend, so that you can alter the level of tightness if you’re feeling bloated, or if your boobs are sensitive on any particular day. 
One-piece swimsuits are another great option if you’re fond of all-around support, although you can also try on off-shoulder one-piece items and funky straps in the back to introduce some diversity into the picture. Remember, even if you’d rather go for single-toned swimsuits right now, you can always add some fun with your summer accessories

Time your buy

As a mom, especially a brand new one, you know that your body changes from one day to another, meaning that you cannot really tell if a swimsuit is truly perfect for you if you’re trying it on when you’re bloated, or when your breasts are sore and swollen. Truth be told, these days can catch you unprepared, and your schedule can be a little too hectic to move that bathing suit purchase for another day.
If you have figured out those typical days of your cycle when your body changes, or you know how your body reacts to certain foods, you can certainly time your purchase to avoid picking up a swimsuit a size too large because of poor timing. You can go to the store a few times and try the combination on several different occasions, and if you’re buying online, check for reviews to see how stretchy and adjustable the material really is!

To wrap up – love your body

Finally, no swimsuit will ever be good enough unless you truly love and cherish your figure and form, no matter if it’s an hourglass, pear-shaped, or athletic. Consider this yet another wonderful opportunity to be a role model for your kids to love themselves even with a little extra on the hips or with those eyebags from waking up several times every night to feed your baby.
Celebrate your femininity and your lovely mom figure as a true wonder of nature that it is. The bottom line is, this is just a swimsuit, and it’s all about having fun, bonding with your kids, and feeling awesome in your own skin! 

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