JOHNSON'S BIGGEST RELAUNCH EVER! Gentlest Range of Baby Products Ever!

For over 125 years of creating gentlest baby products in the world, Johnson's believes that the transformative power of gentle is the answer to the harshness of this world. As a mom, I want to give my kids the best that I can especially products that can make them ready to face the world.

Everything now is evolving, not just the technology but products like Johnson'sThey made sure that the range is pure and mild. Providing the best, Johnson's has been transformed from inside and out and this lucky kid is lucky to have tried the new reformulated range. The new products now have 90% naturally-derived ingredients that have all been purposefully chosen undergone a rigorous 5 step safety-assurance process.

Johnsons's Reformulated Range: CottonTouch, Growing Baby & Mom, Active Kids, and Classic the range

If you can notice, the CottonTouch is the newest addition to the range, it is designed to enhance the gentle power of a parent's touch. The Johnson's CottonTouch is safe for baby from the first day of life,ultra-light and gentle for newborn's sensitive skin.

Responding to the ever-changing demands of parents and needs of babies all around the world, Johnson's made the following changes to its re-formulated line:

  • Purposeful ingredient choice -Johnson's carefully considered every single ingredient in the range,50% lesser ingredients. The new range is also totally free from parabens, phthalates, and is now also entirely free from sulfates and dyes.
  • Fragrances designed with mom and baby in mind- Smell.memory and emotions are intimately connected, with decades of research showing that multi-sensory experiences are a key part of happy, healthy baby development. Today all the fragrances are now formulated to be free of allergens, exceeding International Fragrance Association (IFRA) and RIFM Global standards.
  • Parent and environment-friendly packaging-The new Johnson's bottles are now equipped with pumps designed for easier and one-handed use for parents and have also been developed using a patented system that allows products to be biodegradable, non-toxic and will not bioaccumulate in the environment.
  • products specially designed for every age and stage in a baby's life-Each are specially formulated to address special skin needs of babies and to turn moments of care into opportunities to strengthen babies' connection to their parents and to nurture their healthy development.

With the condition of the world, our babies need protection good thing that Johnsons made the reformulated range from newborns to toddlers. It's glad to know that they listened to more than 26,000 parents from around the world to improve the products inside and out.

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