Are Moses baskets worth the money?

After birth, a newborn baby needs to be kept warm. You want them to feel safe. That’s why many parents make the choice to invest in a Moses basket. It’s like a cozy nest where baby can feel like they’re still in the womb of their mum. Despite the great benefits that a Moses basket offer, some parents don’t see the utility of buying one compared to a cot. Let’s explore why you’d want to get one for your baby. 

Pro: A nice cozy cocoon

The Moses basket in order to allow the child to feel safe in a protective environment. Its small size helps to reassure the infant and its comfort and softness help the child to sleep soothed. 

Plus it can be used in the first months as an extra bed. A newborn baby may feel lost in a cot or a baby bed, which could be far too big for them. This is why a Moses basket can be your lifesaver to help your baby make their first nights.

Pro: Move your baby around easily

The Moses basket is a light and compact accessory allowing parents to carry their baby with ease, without the baby being disturbed in his sleep. On a walk, in your room, in the living room, a Moses basket allows you to take the sleeping baby with you wherever you go. 

If you don’t want to leave it on the floor, you can find models of baby baskets with feet and/or castors to easily move the bassinet throughout the house.
Con: It’s only useful for a few months

The main disadvantage is that it will become too small for your baby very quickly. You’ll have to replace the Moses basket within a few months, sometimes as soon as 3 months old depending on the size of your baby. 

The basket becomes dangerous from the moment your child knows how to sit alone, rollover or stand up on the hands and knees. It should no longer be used once your baby passes the 9kg mark.

Con: You can’t use it in a car

While it’s very easy to transport you can not use your Moses basket in your car. It’s not safe, even if you think you secured it correctly in your car it’s not recommended. It’s a downside that makes the mobility/travel aspect of the Moses basket slightly incomplete. You’ll still have to have a car seat for your baby.

What Moses basket to choose?

You will find all types of Moses baskets out there. Some are very basic while others Moses Baskets stand out for their originality and elegant design. Ideally, it should be perfectly stable so that the baby does not rock when you lift the basket. Furthermore must include a border high enough so that your newborn can not tip over accidentally. 

To ensure comfort so your baby's peaceful sleep in the basket make sure you choose the right mattress with the right density and material. 

Concerning the density: too firm, the mattress will not ensure the baby's comfort, too soft, its support will not be enough. In general, the ideal density of a mattress would be about 21 kg / m3, so you can be sure that your baby is comfortable

Then, it is important to choose the right material. You will find mattresses made of foam, latex, wool, coconut fiber, Tencel or bamboo fiber. Foam, for example, is known for being light, easy to handle and very flexible, price side, the foam mattress is also affordable. Wool and latex are known for their ability to adjust temperatures. Coconut fiber or bamboo fiber, on the other hand, are interesting because they encourage good air circulation improving your baby’s sleep.

Another accessory that you can mix and match with your Moses basket is a baby sleeping bag. It will make your little one feel even more snug and comfortable. Make sure to choose the right tog so your baby is not too hot or too cold.

It is also interesting to choose a model that has a hood to protect your baby from the sun and a mosquito net to keep insects away from your little one. 

Is a Moses basket a must-have item?

“Must-have” probably not. But a “nice to have” certainly!

A Moses basket can be very useful to keep baby close to you during the day and to be able to carry it from one room to another or even outside. The basket is small and easy to move and your baby feels comfortable. It’s a win-win.

A Moses basket can also just be a guilty little pleasure, for the cute design. Nothing cuter than your cocooned baby in their basket. It has a vintage traditional look that will make any nursery look amazing. Plus it’s quite an affordable gift you can ask for your baby shower

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