Mom Health Tips: You Need To Make Free Time For "Me" Time

One thing that all mothers forget to do is to look after themselves. Your one objective is to protect your child and bring them up in the best way possible, but it’s so easy for your motherly instincts to fail you on a personal level. You might end up neglecting your health routine, your sleeping patterns, and your sanity; this is all to be expected when your child is a baby, but you shouldn’t let the excessiveness run on throughout their childhood and teenage years. To be the best mother for your children, you need to remember to look after yourself too. Here are some tips to help you do so.

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The perfect body.

That subheading probably made you laugh. Okay, there’s no such thing as the perfect body. If there is such a thing then it’s most certainly somewhere in the rearview mirror after you become a mother, but that doesn’t mean the necessity of looking after your body should be put in the rearview mirror too. This website has weight loss tips if you want some detailed guidance as to where you should begin, but the most important one is that many people approach weight loss too casually.

You decide you’ll eat less for a few weeks, for example. However, this is damaging in terms of cutting out important foods as well as “bad” ones. It’s also damaging in the sense that you’re not creating a permanently viable dietary solution. You’ll end up bouncing back to your old eating habits once you get hungry. Don’t starve yourself; eat more of the right things. Fewer sugars and more nutritional calories; eat your fruit and vegetables like your mother always told you to (and like you tell your kids to).

Don’t dismiss the importance of exercise either. A lack of physical activity can lead to heart problems and other health complications. You might not have “enough hours in the day” to commit to a grueling exercise regime if you have children to look after, but everybody has time to keep their body active in some form and keep themselves healthy. You don’t need to hit the gym; you can get your body moving in your front room or your local park. Find an hour or perhaps only twenty to thirty minutes a day to go for a jog. Perhaps walk with intermittent intervals of running (high intensity interval training is great for burning fat).

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Take the night off.

It’s so important to leave a babysitter with the kids now and then to have a night to yourself. That might mean a relaxing bath (whilst the babysitter or your friend looks after your child downstairs) or it might mean getting out of the house if you’re sick of seeing the same four walls all day long. Whatever you choose to do, you just need to find some way to let your hair down. You might want to go out with friends and family who you don’t get to see that much with your busy lives. Whatever you do, remember to hold onto your identity.

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Continuing from the previous point, you don’t actually have to spend all week longing for that one night off. You can find other ways to look after your health throughout the day, and it all starts with the mind. Practice a bit of morning meditation, and see the difference in your overall mindset. When your mind is relaxed and more focused, you’ll notice your body relaxes too.
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