Lookna – New Platform For Legit Business

Are you a legit business looking for ways to maximize your client base through online marketing and advertising? Are you struggling to keep up with new advertising trends, skyrocketing advertisement space costs and funneling a huge percentage of your revolving capital towards online marketing budget?
As they say, the struggle is real. It is so real for most entrepreneurs that some have thrown in the towel and decided to just “stay afloat” and be content with the leftovers from big scale enterprises that have all the resources to push their brand practically in every web corner. 
But, what if there is a new platform that you can utilize to gain more business traction for FREE?

We’re talking about Lookna.com, an advertising search engine that makes it easy for customers to find specific service providers or businesses. Lookna offers legit business owners advertising space, also called ‘listing’, on their website. All listings are verified meticulously through a three step verification method to ensure that businesses and service providers advertised on the site are legit. This is also Lookna’s way of eliminating potential scams and scammers. 

The user interface is intuitive and straightforward. Searchers simply have to type the service or product they are looking for on the Home Page or Search Page, click enter, and  voila! A list of businesses will pop up for them to choose from. 

By default, the list will show searchers the nearest provider because of its geo-tagging capability. Other ways to filter results include using keywords, operating hours, work days and hours and price range. 
The system is built with information security as its topmost priority. The website uses SSL technology to protect all activities within Lookna. Everything is encrypted and stored in their database and not shared to third party partners. However, Lookna also advises subscribers to practice safety procedures when sharing information regarding their Lookna account.

Now back to our questions…

 Are you a legit business looking for a way to reach a wider audience without spending a huge chunk of top dollar for advertising that may or may not even work? How about signing up for FREE with Lookna? 
Are you tired of having to swim, or stay afloat rather, with the big fishes and always ending up with just the morsels? Stay afloat no more because if we failed to mention this earlier, Lookna’s system is actually designed to distribute fair ads which mean all advertisers get the same amount of exposure 24/7.
Are you scared of getting ripped off by advertising scams that proliferate the world wide web? Oh yes, we are too! That is why Lookna is here. Lookna will only list a business once its legitimacy is verified hence clearing the landscape of scammers and fly-by-nights. Futhermore, this powerful ads search engine tool doesn’t use pay-per-click charging systems which are prone to fraud anyway, so no subscriber gets schemed. 
Again, signing up with Lookna is absolutely FREE at the moment until further notice. It’s a good chance to see what the buzz about this new platform is all about and experience it firsthand.  What is there to lose?

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