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From Hobo To Impeccable Gent: Improve Your Hubby's Grooming 


Us ladies take the time and effort to look great for our husbands, so it only makes sense that they do the same for us, right?! Unfortunately, most hubbies aren’t too keen on sticking to a rigorous grooming routine, so most end up looking more like a hobo than the perfect, impeccable gent! And that just won’t do!

But you don’t have to put up with their relaxed grooming. In fact, there are some ways you can help them improve their routine. These tips can help you!

Get Him To Moisturize

You will no doubt already know how important moisturizer is to your own skin care, but does your husband know that it can really benefit him? As we get older, our skin starts to dry out, and this can become very visible, especially once the skin starts to flake or wrinkles develop. Next time you need to buy yourself some more moisturizer, you should buy a pot of men’s moisturizer for your man . Once he starts to use it on a daily basis, he will find that his skin starts to get smoother and he might even reduce the appearance of his wrinkles!

Treat Him To A New Shaver

Does your hubby use a razor to shave every day? That could be doing his skin more harm than good - if he is pushing the blade too close to his skin, it could end up causing a rash or even cutting him. Instead, it would be much better to use an electric shaver. Websites like Manly Matters review different shavers and will give you an idea of the best one for your man. Once he starts using this new shaver, he will find that he gets a better shave and his skin won’t suffer so much.


Switch His Toothbrush Too

If you love your husband’s smile, it’s important to try and preserve his teeth. And you can do that by throwing out his regular toothbrush and swapping it for an electronic one. Many dental experts believe that electric toothbrushes can remove up to 11% more plaque than regular brushes. Not only that, though, but the slow rotating motion can be a lot gentler on your teeth and gums. 

Sort Out Those Eyebrows

It’s not just us girls who need to take care of our brows - men do too! Especially once they reach a certain age as eyebrows can get bigger and bushier as we get older. Your hubby needs to take action if his brows meet in the middle. All he needs to do is pluck them. If they are particularly thick, you might want to wax them for him! Why not take him along with you next time you visit your local beauty salon to get your own done? That could be useful if he could do with some shape adding to his brows.

You don’t have to put up with your man if he resembles a hobo - follow these tips to improve his grooming game. After taking care of his grooming, he will end up looking better than ever!