Caution! The Hidden Dangers In Your Home

While it's not healthy to be an over-cautious mom, there are some things on your own doorstep that can give you cause for concern, and not just on the doorstep, but actually in your home! And these are standard things that we all have to keep our eyes peeled for. When you are in the process of adult proofing your home here are a few things to be aware of.


Salmonella and E.coli

These can be found, unfortunately, in any home, and the symptoms of salmonella or E.coli could be anything from a stomach ache, to hospitalization, or possibly even death. There are over 40,000 reported cases of salmonella every single year. They can live on any surface and could be present in many different foods, especially meat. To prevent this, you need to wash your hands when handling food, making sure that you cook your food properly, and check that it is cooked through, especially meats like chicken that you are unable to eat raw, and wipe down surfaces on a regular basis with a cleaning spray. Be aware of cross-contamination with meats, so it's best to use a cutting board that is dedicated to the chopping of meats and use another chopping board for foods that don't need to be cooked at a high temperature like meat, such as fruits or vegetables.


Asbestos is present in a lot of materials that were used for the building of houses before the 1980s. And so, if you live in a home that is older than 40 years old, it is quite likely that you may be exposed to asbestos in one way or another, especially if you are undertaking any renovation projects which results in pulling up the floorboards or repairing any natural weather damage to the home. If you think you may have asbestos in the home, it is important to limit your exposure to it, as increased exposure over a period of time can result in severe illness such as mesothelioma. But you can make sure that you keep safe practices when moving items around the home if you believe there is asbestos exposure, but it is also important to get in contact with an asbestos abatement company to see if anything could be done to contain it or remove it from the house.



Mold is one of those things that is found pretty much everywhere, but if left to build up, it can make you very sick especially your young children. It can be found under floorboards, in cellars, in windowsills that haven't been secured properly, and places where there is a lot of damp festering. The best way to deal with mold in the home is to keep on top of the cleaning and to keep checking for any signs of it on a regular basis. If you think that you might be exposed to mold, it's best to do some exploring around the house but to also to be aware of the symptoms, which can include poor concentration, joint pain, fatigue or weakness, as well as the more common symptoms like shortness of breath and coughs and congestion.

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