Tips For Growing Your Hair

Hair growth is something that many of us try desperately to achieve, often expecting some miracle cure that will help it grow long and luscious like Giselle. Growing long hair takes time, a lot of patience and some TLC, but there are some things you can do to help it speed up. If you’re looking to grow you hair or would like to thicken thinning hair the following tips could help you add those inches in no time.

Image source: Pexels

Cut back on heat  styling

Heat styling can tease and straighten your hair into shape, but it can also be damaging when used regularly. Heat styling can damage the ends of the hair, causing them to snap off, and get rid of any growth that you had managed to achieve. Limit heat styling to only when really necessary, or have a keratin smoothing treatment done at your local salon to help you manage your hair between washes.

Space out your colour appointments

This is another one that’s difficult for many, but essential if you want to experience serious hair growth. Hair colouring, particularly highlighting or bleaching can damage hair, especially if your hair is on the finer side. Instead of booking an appointment every 6-8 weeks, switch it to 10-12 weeks. You may have to deal with root growth for a little longer, but at least that means your hair is growing, right? Regular trims will also help to eliminate the dead ends and promote faster hair growth.

Apply conditioning treatments

Treatments can help to boost your hair growth by nourishing it with essential oils and helping to make it stronger. There is a range of different hair treatments you can try with products to suit all budgets, or you could go down the route of homemade treatments which you can create using products in your home. A coconut oil mask is a popular treatment which adds shine and strengthens hair, while many people opt for the more traditional egg-based hair mask which can boost the protein in the cells of your hair. Conditioning treatments should be used regularly until hair condition improves, and then reduced to once a week for upkeep.

Take supplements

Supplements can help give your hair the essential vitamins and nutrients it needs to grow healthier and stronger that your diet alone may not necessarily provide. There are many you may not have even heard about, but if you read more about the benefits of L-lysine amino acids or biotin, you’ll see that they have properties that fight hair loss as well as give strength to your hair from within. 

Moms can find it difficult to deal with hair loss and slow growth as they get older, but with a bit of hard work, you can grow your hair long and lovely again. A healthy diet, as well as building your fitness up can all help with hair growth that will produce results in no time. Why not keep a photo chart of your progress to keep you motivated and make sure you stay on track with your new haircare routine? 
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