All By Myself: Why Your Child Needs a Space of Their Own


Not every child is able to have their own bedroom. Sometimes space constraints mean that siblings need to share. However, even if they don't have their own room, they can still have their own space. Whether you set up a reading nook or even let them make a little fort in the corner of a room, there are some great benefits to allowing children their own space. Even toddlers can benefit from being allowed some privacy, within reason. If you're wondering whether your child really needs to have their own space, consider these excellent reasons to give them somewhere to be alone.

Learning to Entertain Themselves

A lot of parents (and non-parents too) complain about how kids don't know how to entertain themselves these days. They always have a screen in front of them, so they don't know what to do with themselves when they're bored. But allowing kids to be bored helps them to work out how to find entertainment and stay occupied. When your child has their own space, they have somewhere to learn how to make their own fun. Whether they use their imagination to create a game or just grab a book, it's an important skill that will need to use throughout their life.

Knowing They Can Have Privacy

Privacy is viewed as a fundamental right by many, although others see it more of a privilege. Deciding just how much privacy you think your child should have can be a tough one. On the one hand, you want to show them you trust them and that they are allowed to have their own space. On the other hand, you want to keep an eye on them and make sure they're not up to anything they shouldn't be. But letting your child know they can have their own space and their own life is vital. They might be your child, but they're also their own person.

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Teaching Responsibility

Another benefit of giving your child their own space is that they learn responsibility. They have to look after their space to keep it clean and tidy. Whether they have their own room or you find teepees for toddlers for your little ones to hide in, they have somewhere that they are in charge of. It's up to them to decide how to decorate (within reason), and they need to take responsibility for keeping it in good condition. They can learn the consequences of not being responsible, like something breaking if they're not careful with it.


Playing Host

Another part of having a private space is that your child can choose who to let into it. When they show friends (or you, if you're lucky) into their space, they will be playing the part of the host. This can mean using skills like their manners and sharing, and they'll have pride in their personal space. It also gives them somewhere to play with friends if they would rather not have their siblings join in.

It can be hard to trust your child with their own space, but showing them that trust can benefit them now and in the future. Everyone should have somewhere they can go to be alone.
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