Treasure Friendship

Having friends makes our life happier and meaningful, Sharing good things and sorrows. They say crazy friends are the best ones, Yeah! I agreed especially when you are in the age of middle school it's like having friends in your life.

Friends are the one who motivates us, Inspires us and the ones who we can share emotional issues, Celebrate us in the good times, Support us when we are down. I can say, Friends, are also stress relievers and just like our family they have important roles in our life. They boost our confidence, never let us lonely.
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Being comfortable with someone doing nothing, Understanding each other for countless times and a shoulder to cry on.Friendship is hard to explain.Life is boring without friends, isn't it?

I'm a person who values friendship so much, But being a mother hanging out with friends is not that easy thanks to Technology you can now talk and send craziness messages to your friends.Always remember that in friendship, You must know how to listen and give. Friends are also family.

As I mentioned the word support, I wanna include in this short post to support Rochelle Rivera in the  Nuffie Awards 2018 for the Travel and Lifestyle category.

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How to vote: 

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I vote for #NNWanderWarriorRochelle
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I vote for #NNWanderWarriorRochelle
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3. You can only vote for one creator per day.

Friends, Let us support this sweet and caring woman Rochelle. She's an inspiration to me and just like what I'm always saying I'm a follower/friend/supporter. 

PS: She didn't ask me to post this.

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