A-Plus PaintBabes New Members


From the manufacturing company specializing in the production of architectural paints, automotive finishes, industrial coatings and constructions chemicals FH Colors & Coatings Corporation, A-PLUS has been making waves in recent years for the notable distinction it has garnered. Specializing in House Paints, A-Plus has been a consistent favorite of the Consumer’s Union of the Philippines at the Annual National Consumers Awards having bagged the “Quality Value Paint”.
For the past years, A Plus Paints formed a girl group called "A-Pus PaintBabes'' They are are the brand ambassadors of A Plus Paint.These girls were formed as an advocacy for sharing their talents and to bring joy to people.Had appeared in various commercials, Billboards, advertisements, Movies and local TV Shows.Girls have been good role models and social media to everyone and they have been actively conducting shows all over the Philippines from one mall to another.They also organized charity events such as Fun Run for a cause, Donations, Gift Giving and feeding programs.

Last January, A-Plus Paint conducted an online audition for those who want to be part of the A-Plus Paintbabes group, There are more than 80 girls have submitted their online videos but only 12 were called for the final screening last February 18, 2018 to show their talents live ,All girls are deserving but only four stand out and became the newest members.

Angela Gloria, Nathalie Cole, Charlotte Hermoso and Charice Hermoso are the lucky four newest members of the A-Plus Paintbabes. All four girls are pretty and they have their own character to show and share.Of course, you will notice that the two girls look like twins, Yes they are the twins from the commercial I think 10 years ago or 7 maybe like that. In the Press Conference, All girls answered questions like they were really prepared .I'm amazed.I can say A-Plus Paint choose the perfect girls to add to the A-Plus PaintBabes. 

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