Tips On Running Half Marathon For Beginner

When you run think of the reasons why you are running, Of course, we all have a different reason why we run.As for me, When I became a mother everything physical activities for me was hard, Always getting tired easily and sweating even if it's only a house chore.I started joining fun runs this 2018 at first run I immediately followed it by weekend running at least 2km every Sunday, Yeah I know this is just short run but for a beginner like me, that wasn't bad at all. I just realized I need to be active and take good care of my health.I'm not getting younger and I need the healthy body and be strong enough to take care of my family.

There are many benefits in running; relieves stress, Improves health, Let you lose weight and boost your confidence definitely a good exercise.

I had my 21km/Half Marathon last February 25,2018 and compared to this week's half marathon my experience was different as expected my first one was hard because I just ran and to be honest I'm not prepared that day for 21km.Sharing you some tips when running the half marathon for the first time.I might not be saying that this is the ideal to do I'm not a coach nor a pro one in this post I'm only sharing my personal tips. 

Sleep In everything you do it is important to start having a good sleep.When joining fun runs most of the time assembly starts as early as 3 am so, of course, you need to wake up early for that.To be able to get that full sleep simply take a nap early as much as possible.

Check Your Body Don't run just because someone is running you know close to you, Listen to your body.Running with a buddy is much fun but if you can't run like your buddy don't force your self and pretend that you can, we all have the different body.Be true to yourself if you are confidently sure and knows your body that you can do it then go.

Hydrate One week before the marathon hydrate more, trust me you need this and this can help you a lot.

Training This one is the very important thing to do, You can't just run in half marathon without training week before, It'll be hard for you been there and I know the feeling.You can train by treadmill or go outside get some sun and run every day week before the big day.It will help you keep up.there are training programs online or get a coach but if you run just for fun and have dedication, Motivate and focus. 

Be Slow Don't run fast as a beginner running fast is not an option for you to get the finish line.

I have now run in Fun Runs four times this year started January and I must say I want to run often.Not only for a fun run I also run every weekend.My target is to have strong body and mind and not only losing weight, well it's also part of the reason why I run. =)

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