Whitening Products That Gives Faster and Effective Results!

We all have different views in life, Different opinions on particular things. One example that perfectly suits in this situation is the whitening products, Other opted not to lighten their skin, Other prefers white skin.No matter what you choose it's your decision and it's your way of taking care of your skin.
As for myself, I prefer to use whitening products such as soaps, Lotion, Creams, Toners I even took whitening pills months ago.
To achieve the skin tone you've always dreamt of, You must choose the right product when you decide to lighten your skin and feel great and confident.To be able to lighten my skin this past week one product is not enough to give the best results I want.In this post, I wanna share the two latest products that I personally used that might give you an idea in your next purchase of whitening products.

BELLISSIMA Egg White Skin Whitening Beauty Soap

When we think of whitening soaps the things or ingredients that we easily think of are Papaya, Kalamansi, Glutathione, Kojic and other common ingredients for skin lightening.But hey! I never thought of an EGG WHITE for whitening, Yes This Egg White beauty bar soap is made from real egg whites Just like the egg whites, Using the Traditional Swedish Formulation.This Bellissima beauty soap that is egg-shaped (it's cute right?) helps tighten and brighten the skin and prevent acne. It has a clean scent that you smell when using this soap and it lathers well that leaves skin soft and smooth.upon using this for couple days I noticed the significant change in skin. when using this soap, After lather leaves into your skin for about 1 minute then rinse.Safe to use daily on face and body.If you are looking for an affordable whitening soap yes affordable because it only costs Php 55 per box and that is 90g as packed.This beauty soap is made in the Philippines and exclusively manufactured for SUMMATRADE International Corporation.

MORRISON Elbow & Knee Collagen + Whitening Body Lotion

After Taking a bath, I used lotion and there are different kinds and type of lotions on the market. One brand of lotion that I'm using recently is the Morrison Elbow & Knee Collagen + Whitening Body Lotion, I got curious when I first saw this product.One thing that I fell in love with this lotion is the scent, It smells honey.This is also formulated for SUMMATRADE International Corporation. This lotion has Microwhyte Moisture (Japanese Technology) that helps peel and smoothen stubborn dark areas safely whitens and rejuvenates skin.Hypoallergenic, Paraben-Free, Dermatologically Tested. There are many benefits of Collagen in our body especially in our skin, One of the reasons why this lotion is best in giving the results is it infused with Collagen. All of the ingredients are safe in this whitening lotion so there's nothing to worry because for only Php 129 you will get the perfect results and this product is kind to skin.

When using any product always remember to put on sunscreen when going out, This can help your skin.

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