Top Websites You Won't Mind Your Teenager Using

With social media being around for as nearly as long as your teenager has been breathing, there’s no wonder they spend so much time online chatting to their friends and catching up on the latest gossip from their favorite soap opera. Often taking up all the memory on your computer account with downloads and chatting to their friends, the time teenagers spend online drives a lot of parents crazy, with many left wishing there was a way they could put get their children to engage with technology in a productive way. By introducing some of these websites to your household, this no longer has to be a wish, but a reality.


Hello Giggles

This website was founded by New Girl’s Zooey Deschanel and is aimed at young women. Hello, Giggles aims to inspire female youth through positive media and shares a variety of articles in the categories of beauty, health, entertainment, lifestyle, and love, ensuring your teenage daughter has a safe website to go to for any of those awkward questions she may be too scared to ask a parent.  There is also a tab to keep up with all the current news, promising your child will be more aware of social issues in today's society. 

Spark Teens

So you have spent the last 12-18 years ensuring your child eats healthy food to stay healthy and grow big and strong. A child eating healthy food is a concern in most parents' lives, even when they grow up and leave home. Spark Teens is a branch of the revolutionary website, Spark People. It was designed to give teenagers no-nonsense facts about healthy eating while encouraging them to think about what foods fuel their bodies. The website offers a range of eating plans and recipes to help encourage any future chefs in the making. 


Young people develop creative problem-solving skills, systematic reasoning, and collaboration through this unique website. Teenagers, and adults, can spend hours building their creative and critical thinking skills through this website. Scratch allows you to create stories, animations and games and share them with people around the world. It may be a bit of a time waster as it is so much fun, but at least there are some important skills being developed while using it.

Driving Courses

Learning to drive is both exciting and nerve-wracking for both parents and teens. To ensure your child is fully prepared for their future driving endeavors, many companies have created online courses to help your child gain that important driving knowledge. A defensive driving traffic school online promises to promote those safe driving habits in your learner driver.

Productivity Websites

Google, google, google. That is the answer to many unsolved questions teens and many adults may have. It can be frustrating when your teenager uses google to answer all their research questions, but Google is actually quite useful. With a multitude of apps, Google can actually ensure your kids get that school project in on time. Google Slides, Sheets, and Docs are all apps available through google that convert perfectly to most online blogging sites as well as Microsoft Word. With the Google Drive extension, all work created through any Google app is automatically saved in the drive allowing for access on any device at any time without the use of a USB. 

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