AVON:Skin So Soft (Glutathione)

Last month,I'm always seeing the Avon SSS new variant of lotion,I was like I wanna try this because it's a new formula I think.I'm glad my sister-in-law is an avon lady so i immediately ordered the lotion,While I'm browsing the avon brochure i saw that it has also other new product lines which also a skincare.Aside from lotion I also got myself the whitening facial cleanser,Whitening toner and the whitening face cream which comes in two variants,The day and night cream.

Skin So Soft Glutathione with vita C
Hand and Body Lotion
●For normal and Dry Skin
●Instant whitening and radiang glowing

It has the same scent that SSS lotion has,But I can't say it gives instant whitening after first use,To say that i'm using it for about a month now.Though,It does mosturizes the skin.Maybe for me to see the whitening result i should buy another bottle of it.Above all I like using it.It feels very light when applying,Not sticky.

SSS Glutathione Whitening Facial Cleanser

I'm using it like any other facial cleanser,This one gives smoothness feeling after use,I like very much because it does deliver what it claims it the tube.I use it twice a day.

SSS Glutathione Whitening Toner

After using the facial cleanser,I'm using the toner using cotton ball or a cotton pad.It cleanses well my face,I see dirt in the cotton every using it and it does'nt sting.Not peeling the skin.
It leaves the face refreshed and hydrated.

SSS Glutathione Whitening Facial Cream

It has two kinds the day cream has SPF20/PA++ which is important especially when i'm exposed to the sun,And the night cream.I don't like the scent of both creams i don't know why.It has a weird scent especially the night cream.

Will I buy this again?Maybe but i'm gling to try another product line after consuming all product I have in Avon SSS.Above all I will rate the product 8 of 10.
I got all of these for Php875 I forgot how much each one of them.If you want to try it for yourself,Check out Avon in their social media accounts to know more.By the way this post is not sponsored,The product and all thoughts here are mine.

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