Easter Egg Hunting Party Checklist


What are your plans this coming Holy Week? Do you include Easter Egg Hunting? Well, you should! It is so much fun to attend at least one event. Not only will the kids enjoy, so do you! There are many Free Easter Events in Metro Manila. If you are planning on throwing an advance Easter Egg Hunting for your kids, here is a simple checklist for what you need.

  •  Decorations.Check!

We had already finished them last week, and the kids are super excited! We hand painted some empty egg shells using food color, uses some bunny stuffed toys, and out them in baskets. The house look like Easter-ready!

  • Empty egg toys.Check!

Yes, lots of them and different sizes and colors!

  •  Chocolates.Check!

Luckily, there are many Easter-themed chocolates on the supermarket and candies too! We also brought some cookies that can fit inside egg toys.

  •   Foods.Check!

Yup, done with the menu! We will through some silly designs on our foods so that they will look like more of Easter theme.

  •   Fun Activities.Check!

Aside from Easter egg hunting, we prepared other fun activities too like bring me, put the bunny’s ear, piƱata, etc.
  •   Prizes.Check!

Of course, we can’t forget about the prizes!
The only thing you need to think of is where to hide the eggs!Easter events in Tagaytay have their party outside, so outside seems like the best place to hide the eggs!

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