Spring Clean Your Skincare Regime!

Spring is all about spring cleaning, but that doesn’t have to just apply to your home. When was the last time you went through all of your beauty products? These things don’t last forever, and when they’re in contact with the skin you don’t want to be using expired or bacteria-ridden items! Here are some of the ways you can clean up your beauty stash and also ensure you’re buying better products.

Get Rid of Expired Products

It’s tricky to tell when makeup is past its best, as cosmetic companies aren’t required to stamp best before dates on their products. Using common sense and some general guidelines here can be helpful. Anything that’s changed colour, texture or smells bad should go straight in the bin. Liquid products will only last for a year or two, whereas drier products like eyeshadow and bronzer will last longer. Anything that you have to put your hands in (such as foundation pots) or have applicators that touch the skin (such as concealer wands) will need throwing away quicker than those with a pump. Old makeup is a breeding ground for bacteria and can cause skin rashes and infections. Go through your makeup bag and skincare stash and get rid of everything that’s been in there for too long. 

Avoid Parabens,Mineral Oil and Talc

When you’re buying new products, these are three ingredients you should try to avoid. Parabens are preservatives and have been linked with cancers and tumors because they mimic female hormones. Talc is a cheap filler ingredient, it can dry the skin and in unpurified forms can contain asbestos which is of course incredibly dangerous. Mineral oil can contaminate the body and build up in the body’s fat cells- eventually increasing the risk of cancer. These ingredients are all FDA approved despite the fact that research has highlighted the dangers, so they’re common in many cosmetics. If you buy natural skin care products  from brands that don’t use these kinds of things, you save yourself the risk. Even if there’s only a small chance, why risk it if you have the option to choose something else.

Buy Cruelty-Free

There really is no need for companies to test on animals- it’s a cruel and hugely outdated idea. There are many other ways different chemicals can be tested without inflicting suffering to animals. By buying from brands that support this practice, you’re essentially continuing to fund them. There are plenty of great brands out there which refuse to test on animals, making a simple switch to one which doesn’t is easy enough. Always do your research if you’re not sure, as sometimes it’s not clear cut. Some brands, for example, will claim to be cruelty-free but sell products in China. Since it’s a legal requirement to test on animals before selling cosmetics in China, no brand selling here can be cruelty-free. 

Will you be cleaning up your skincare routine this spring? Do you make a conscious effort to check the ingredients etc when buying cosmetics?
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