More Than Brushing Teeth! Instilling Healthy Habits Into Our Children

You may have thought that during your pregnancy you were going to give your child the best start in life. But what happens is that life tends to get in the way. We always think that we are going to make our child the brightest, the best, and the healthiest but the real solution to this is all about instilling the right habits. With regards to health there are a handful of worthwhile habits that we need to instill in our children when they are young but what are these and how can we do it?

Healthy Eating
This is the bane of many parent's life but it's one of those things that you can't disguise when you go to the dentist to have a check-up. The big issue in trying to get children to eat healthily is that we try to force the issue because we know that it's important. So what happens? They turn their head the other way! The best approach is to be very subtle. Instead of forcing your children to eat healthy foods, we need to give them a diverse diet but also find ways to sneak vegetables into the meals. There are numerous recipes where you can sneak numerous vegetables into a pasta sauce. But in order to instill a healthy habit, we have to remember that we set the example.

The Importance Of Patience
If we come home from work frustrated that our children have made a mess and we chastise them they will associate creativity or expressing themselves as being bad. We have to remember that we've got to be patient with them developing in this respect. If they start to feel like they can't express themselves this is when low self-esteem will creep in. So it's vital for us to remember that they are expressing themselves. There are boundaries but when our children are working at being creative it's all about guiding them towards a certain activity. For example, if they like to run around the house a lot perhaps it's time to get them into a sport or physical activity where they can channel their efforts.

Developing Various Kinds Of Smarts
It's a struggle for many children to keep up academically. There's a lot more pressure these days on getting the best grades possible. But it's not just about academic smarts; it's about life smarts as well. And we have to remember that we didn't get all the qualifications that we needed or that this isn't everything in life. While it's important to nurture academic aptitude it's as important for them to develop their skills in other ways. It's all about providing a diverse range of resources. And when they are young, giving them as many different opportunities to learn about various things can give them a far better palette to draw from. But we've also got to remember that our children need to develop their own self-resilience. This means that we've got to step back on occasion and not do things for them but rather help them if they can't achieve what they want. 

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