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How to Share Your Parenting Expertise

If you’re one of those parents who seems to know everything about looking after little ones, then it’s understandable that you’d want to share that knowledge with other people. After all, this isn’t an aspect of life that comes with a tutorial guide, even though there are many parents out there who wish it did. In any case, parents should share their knowledge: you will only know this stuff because someone else decided to share their knowledge. In this blog, we’re going to take a look at a few ways you can share all that you’ve learned along your parenting journey.

Get Talking

You’ll probably already spend a lot of time with other parents, so why not make the most of your time? Rather than simply talking about the weather, you can use the time to discuss the latest parenting theories and the like. Of course, there’ll be some people who aren’t interested, but if you’re having a deep conversation with another parent about parenting, speak up. Talking with people is the oldest form of sharing knowledge -- indeed, for thousands that were the only way that knowledge was transferred.

Writing It Out

The internet provides a fantastic tool for people to share what they’re learned with other people, and they’re a million ways to do it. How you choose to share your information will depend on the type of content. If you’re writing about your personal experience, then you can set up your own blog, and host your writings there. If you take a more scientific or theoretical approach to parenting, then you can look at writing for a publication such as Vision Magazine. There’s also the option of writing books (both digital and real books) if you prefer longer-form content. 

Host a Podcast

One of the best things about the modern world is the numerous options we all have to get our information out there. In recent years, it has become increasingly popular to listen to podcasts -- and it’s not as if you need to have experience in hosting a podcast before setting one up. You can just get a mic, some editing software, and you’re away. This is a good option because it allows you to really dive deep into your subject, and there’s no-one there to interrupt you. Perfect!

Educational Videos

Another increasingly popular option is to produce videos. Videos, after all, are super popular these days -- indeed, somewhere in the region of 80% of internet traffic is projected to be video related in the near future. If you’ve got an ear for scriptwriting and think you’d look good on camera, then look at giving it a go. It can be an amazingly rewarding project to get started, and you never know where it’ll lead. Who knows, you might just become the next viral star.

Share Your Story 

Finally, don’t forget to share your story, in any form that you feel comfortable. In the end, it’s all about sharing what you know and building the parent community that little more.