5 Things That You Should Do During Pregnancy

When people talk about pregnancy, they talk about your hair getting thicker and about a pregnancy glow, but there is less talk about other things that happen to you during pregnancy and the things you should and shouldn't do. There are the things we all know about like not drinking alcohol or smoking, but there are a few other things that you might not have heard of. Below are a few things that you should and shouldn't do during pregnancy:

Don't change the cat litter
This is one that many people don't think off, but when you are pregnant, you should avoid changing the cat litter. You should avoid it because cat feces can contain a rare parasitic disease called toxoplasmosis. There are more likely ways for you to catch it, but it is better to let somebody else change the cat litter than it is to risk it.

If you have to change the cat litter, make sure that you wear gloves, and you wash your hands thoroughly afterward.

Cut down on caffeine
Everyone knows about cutting out alcohol, but many don't think about caffeine. You can find caffeine in your favorite fizzy drink or your daily cup of tea or coffee. There isn't a need to cut it out completely, but you should try to cut down and moderate how much you are consuming. Caffeine is a stimulant that increases your heart rate and blood pressure, and even though you are used to it, it will cross over the placenta to your baby who isn't used to it because its metabolism is still developing.

Try to stay active
Staying active during pregnancy is important. If you didn't exercise much before you were pregnant, it doesn't mean that you should suddenly start training, it just means that you need to keep moving. Sitting down too much can end up being bad for you and the baby. 

You should also try to start doing your pelvic floor exercises. There are ways of measuring pelvic floor strength, but you need to keep it strong because they will help to support the baby, ensure you have bladder and bowel control and allow you to have a quicker recovery after childbirth.

Think about what you are eating
It is important to think about what you are eating when you are pregnant, because some foods pose more of a risk of illness or infections, and you should try your best to prevent these. 

Foods such as soft cheese and pate are at risk of carrying listeria. You can get salmonella from raw or eggs that aren't fully cooked and toxoplasmosis infection from things like raw meat and undercooked ready-meals. Although these are rare, it is better to be careful and make sure you avoid some foods, and that others are fully cooked.

Sleep on your side during the third trimester
During the third trimester, you mustn't sleep on your back. Studies have shown that there can be an increased risk of stillbirth if you sleep on your back. It can alter the baby's heart rate because it compresses major blood vessels in the mother. To be safe, it is better to sleep on your side.

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