6 Signs of a Cheating Spouse

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Most couples want fidelity, even if sex is not a major part of relationships. Cheating takes a devastating toll on couples’ bonds. It is also painful to suspect your partner of infidelity and be unable to prove it. However, if your instincts are telling you something is wrong, listen to them because they are probably right. You might feel better if you have your partner investigated, but before taking that step, it is a good idea to look for common signs of cheating. If you see several, you are on the right track.  

1.  Your Spouse Can’t Be Reached for Periods of Time

If your partner’s schedule has changed until they are barely reachable, they might truly be busy.  Nevertheless, working late and being unreachable by phone are two of the most common excuses used by unfaithful partners. Cheating spouses might also be in a lot of meetings where they cannot be disturbed. Many clients who arrange surveillance at JohnCutterInvestigations.com have partners who always seem to be out of cell phone reach. It is fairly common for unfaithful spouses to go on business trips to locations they claim to have no cell phone service.

2.  A Husband or Wife Becomes More Interested in Their Appearance

It is always nice to see your partner looking their best, but a sudden and improved appearance could be a sign of trouble. Cheating spouses often change their hair, lose weight and buy more flattering clothes, especially nicer underwear. There could be many reasons for them to want to be more attractive, but it can spell trouble if someone who lives in sweatpants suddenly wears designer duds and perfume or cologne when they go to work or socialize.

3.  There Has Been the Previous Infidelity

The old expression, “once a cheater, always a cheater,” may be harsh, but it is often true. A study referenced in the Business Insider reported that participants who had once cheated were three times more likely to be unfaithful again. You do not have to spend every day monitoring a partner who cheated before, but it’s a good idea to pay attention to warning signs.

4.  Your Partner Is Secretive About Phone or Computer Use

Computers have made it easier for many spouses to locate others to cheat with. YouGov data shows that 17% of people who have used dating apps used them to cheat.  If your partner spends a lot of time online and doesn’t let you know why they may be trying to meet people to date.  Cheaters also tend to be secretive about phone conversations and may take calls out of your earshot.

5.  Friends Seem Uncomfortable Around You

You will usually be the last one to realize your partner is cheating. Friends are likely to know but don't want to hurt your feelings or just feel uncomfortable knowing about something so painful. Many will avoid talking about relationships and some will be nicer than usual.  

6.  You Notice Unexplained Expenses

Infidelity can be expensive, so withdrawals from checking, retirement, and investment accounts often signal a cheater. So does unexplained credit card charges. Unfaithful spouses often charge dinners, flowers, gifts and hotel rooms. When you see charges and withdrawals that don’t make sense, ask your partner about the discrepancies. If the answers don’t sound true, they probably aren’t.

It can be hard to catch a spouse you think is cheating but there are some common signs that may confirm your instincts. Unfaithful partners may change their appearance, be hard to reach, hide the computer and phone usage, or spend more money than usual. If friends are suddenly uncomfortable around you or your spouse has been unfaithful before, your gut is likely sending you the right message.

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